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Jiří Střelec

Jiří Střelec

Counseling, Quality System (ISO), Management, Spiritual growth, Communication …


SWOT analýza, strategie, komunikace, image, management vzorem ..more >

Visual system ISO 9001 a ISO 27001

A simple visual system of quality management and information security under ISO 9001 and ISO… ..more >


communication training of IT staff ..more >

IT team training in communication

communication and image of the IT staff to users and management, improve the relationship with… ..more >

Management Training

practical management, modeling effective department, reporting, processes, staffing,… ..more >

Internal auditor training

training of auditors - "The auditor is a partner with good ideas", ISO 9001, development… ..more >


creation of process maps - technical, managerial, promotional, taking into account the long… ..more >


Recommendations for everybody who walks their own way

OwnWay Steps to Take - 10 Recommendations

In fact, life is a long journey on which we continuously make…

life, mission, consultancy

Communication (PR)

Corporate identity

Corporate identity

corporate identity, company identity


Manager´s life cycle - taking the responsibilty

Manager work model

The manager has a very wide scope of activity in the spheres they are supposed to manage/lead. We have…

manager competence model, management,


Creating products - services

Target group is the key to fulfilling goals

Everybody should strive to accomplish their goals – without the…

product, market analysis, hotel, pension,

Spiritual growth

Self-assurance - believing in your own abilities

The Glamour of Self-Assurance

Being self-assured equals to living free of fear. It means we feel so sure about ourselves that nothing can…

self-assurance, fear, strengths

Human resources

The pitfalls od praising and criticizing

When praising and criticizing do not work

Poviding workers with the feedback makes the bread and butter of the…

feedback, praising, criticizing, team


Positive psychotherapy

Positive psychotherapy

A positive psychotherapy concentrates on family therapy and mental hygiene. It is a method that respects a person…


Finance - the ratio analysis

Finance - the ratio analysis

Ratio indices deliver quick information about the essential financial characteristics of the company. They may be…


Sense of the crisis

A story to make sense of the crisis

An appetite for easy earning may cause all of our resources and reserves to run out. What initially looks like a…

finance crisis, money, consultant, business


Information security

Information security

Information security - information management system in the company in order to achieve the necessary protection…


5S Quality is the order

5S method originates from Japan. Its benefit is a workspace’s simplification and readability. However it has…

Seven step problem solving technique

The Seven Step Problem Solving method is designed to provide systemic solutions to relatively complex problems. It is…

Altman model

Most entrepreneurs would wish to know whether their companies are financially sound or about to file for bankruptcy.…

FMEA - A Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

A Failure Modes and Effects Analysis is a structured method to identify and prioritize possible problems and their…

Ishikawa diagram

The Ishikawa diagram is a diagram of causes and their effects aimed at finding the most likely cause of the problem…

DMAIC method

The DMAIC method is more detailed than the previously-used PDCA cycle designed to introduce changes, solve problems and…

The PDCA Cycle

The PDCA cycle (Plan Do Check Act) is a method that fits solving everyday problems in various spheres and activities of…

Porter’s model of competitive forces

Porter’s model deals with competitive forces and rivalry on the market. Market rivalry depends on the influence…

The Six Sigma

The Six Sigma is a tool designed to improve the quality of processes and the entire company. It is targeted, primarily,…

The Process Map

With a company´s management growing ever more demanding and with the necessity to employ more and more processes,…

Finance - the ratio analysis

Ratio indices deliver quick information about the essential financial characteristics of the company. They may be…


Flowcharts easily make it possible to describe progress of operations, activities, their sequence or even fundamental…


Ideas form life

In our lives, we behave according to our beliefs. We engage in activities that we need or want. In their core, invariably, there is an idea. An idea that has captured our…

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