A systematically planned marketing campaign creates a synergetic effect, reduces costs and increases the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

The consultant helps clients plan, manage and evaluate their marketing campaigns, and focuses in particular on the area of internet marketing and social networks.

Social networks

For firms it is important to keep up with trends in consumer behaviour - to address them where they like to be. We nurture potential customers on social networks, and we turn existing customers into loyal ones.

Internet marketing

In addition to communication on social networks, Radka Hošková also focuses on PPC advertising (paid advertising on browsers), remarketing, SEO (optimisation for browsers) and evaluation of website hit rates from Google Analytics.

Public Relations

Especially the area of Press Relations. Creation of interesting content for the media and forging relationships with the media. Editorial content is more valuable for a firm than advertising. After word of mouth, PR is the most credible source of information for consumers.

Radka Hošková is a tutor in professional practical marketing training for the public and firms:

  • Marketing on Facebook and other social networks
  • Internet marketing
  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Public Relations


She has been involved in marketing communication for seven years. She founded the PR and advertising agency Rh+ marketing. The agency has been operating since 2011, and its main activities include marketing on the internet and social networks, public relations and guerrilla marketing.

She gained previous experience as a PR and marketing consultant in the internet advertising agency RobertNěmec.com.

She has worked on projects for RAVAK, Slovenské pramene a žriedla, the Buly Arena in Kravaře, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and others.


  • Master’s course in Marketing Communication at the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, Faculty of Multimedia Communications.
  • Year at Fachhoschschule St. Pölten, field of media consultation, via the Erasmus programme.