Are you doing what you can but still in danger of insolvency? Has your business partner submitted on you an unauthorized proposal for insolvency?  Are you going bankrupt? Or are you the opposite, is your business partner in insolvency procedure and you are hesitating how to deal with it rightly from the position of a creditor?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then continue reading. We will advise you and help you to protect your interests. Fast and effective.


The debtor is in insolvency provided that he has more creditors, financial obligations after being due for payment more than 30 days and at the same time is not capable to pay them off.  The payment insolvency is a situation when the debtor stopped paying the substantial part of his financial obligations or doesn´t perform them within the period of 3 months after being due for payment.

The debtor, who is a businessman, is at the same time in bankruptcy as long as he has more creditors and the summary of all his obligations (not only due) exceeds the value of his property.

Both these situations are for businessmen dangerous because not only they endanger the existence of the entrepeneur/the company but also in some cases induce personal responsibility of authorized representatives of the company both criminal and property one.

What do we offer you?

Evaluation of your company economic situation

In cooperation with our accounting and tax specialists we will examine the economic situation in your company. We will evaluate the rate of the bankruptcy risk and suggest the optimal legal solution for minimalisation of the risk for the company and also for the authorized representatives of the company.

We know how to prepare a legal plan so that your company can avoid the insolvency process or defend against it effectively.

Bullyig insolvency procedure

Lately there has been a number of bullying insolvency applications as an instrument of competition battle.  A lot of entrepreneurs are trying to limitate others in taking part in competitive hiring procedures or to simply complicate them the situation by the order.

Has on your company been submitted a bullying (an illegitimate) insolvency application? We will help you to prepare an effectice defence, we will legally defend you at the insolvency court, analyse and represent you in the process for the compensation from such a proposal.

Company reorganisation

We will prepare you a reorganisation plan

With the term the process of reorganisation we usually understand the gradual settling of creditors ´ debts while preserving the company operation, provided with precautions for revitalisation of company´s management according to a reorganisation plan approved by the insolvency court with a gradual control of its executing from the creditors side. 

As much as it sounds complicated, its not that difficult. We will happily help you to prepare a reorganisation plan, to deal about it with creditors and set the conditions for the reorganisation in such a way so that we maximalise the chances of its success.

For the management we will prepare steps to debtors´ proposal to insolvency

 Provided that the reorganisation is no more possible or the creditors are no more willing to accept the reorganisation plan, we will prepare together with the management steps which will lead to insolvency debtors´ proposal. We will protect the management and minimalise the risks of its sanction in bankruptcy, we will represent the company in insolvency procedure.

We will represent you in insolvency process of your business partner

Do you have a business partner in isolvency and you don´t know to protect your claim rightly and effectively? We will represent you in insolvency process.

We will prepare an application into insolvency, provide communication with the insolvency administrator, eventually also with the committee of creditors.

We will control the course of the insolvency process and represent you in incidental disputes (that is in disputes about denying the claim)

Contact us, insolvency is not the end. With the advisors from Vlastní cesta can insolvency become a new beginning.