Time management

publication date 20.04.2015

Time management deals with the worker´s effectivity in time so that they will achieve an optimal performance in his or her position. The goal here is to teach the worker how to work single-handedly with a minimum time available and achieve the best results. The worker´s inner motivation aimed at reaching both their own and corporate goals also makes a part of the equation. In order to make that happen, the worker seeks their own mental and physical balance in life and in the workplace. 

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Time management has lately gained in significance. Both the workers and the managers get ever more assignments to cope with in ever shorter deadlines. Although having more advanced technologies (PC, SW, ...), they need to find own original approach to work in order to fulfil everything in the desired quality. Time management includes:  

  • establishing the work including the specific targets (personal and corporate ones)
  • defining the priorities
  • working with assignments 
  • delegating authority to others
  • planning 
  • control of capacities
  • doing away with own psychological limitations 
  • making use of the well-established rules and procedures such as the Pareto principle
  • working with own professional experience
  • ...

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Advisor ideas

„Only those who live it can move it forward.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

The best ideas cross our minds when we are really preoccupied with a particular matter, gathering information, making connections, proposing solutions. In sum, when we deploy all of our capabilities to process the information available. Not just a single day, but longer. When we live the given matter today, tomorrow or even the following week or year. You would be amazed how many possibilities would suddenly emerge. If, while writing the project down, your mind is concerned about the coming sports weekend, the project cannot be brilliant but only formal.

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