Face–To–Face Communication

Communication Face to Face - training, course

Communication is an essential basis to create both business and personal relations. Through the right kind of communication we all create our own success in life. The Face-To-Face communicaton training aims to develop our personal communication skills as we face our partners or colleagues.   

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Training block description

Communication makes an essential part od every conduct, forming relations among people. Different aspects of communication can vary depending on conditions and situations. Communication between the dealer and the customer is bound to be different from the one between the corporate agent and the prospective investor. Our Face-To-Face communication seminar is aimed at the elementary aspects of communication between two parties in such situations as they cover the professional and personal lives of the participants in the training.

Training objectives:

  • presenting the principal aspects of communication between two partners
  • practical training of communication in various situations


The maximum number of participants: 8
Duration of training: 8 – 16 hours
Lecturer, trainer: Jiří Střelec

Training content

This training block will include the following points:

  • Introduction of professional focus and experience in communication
  • Simulation of the participants´ own  future communication
  • Purpose and objectives of communication
  • The second party is always a human being
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Using voice, language, face-play, gestures, space … …
  • Preparation for communication with a partner
  • Ancillary means of communication
  • On-camera communication
  • Analysis of on-camera communication exercises

Training result

Getting to know yourself in particular situations while communicating face to face. Discovering your own practical communication abilities. Getting feedback from the other participants in the seminar, especially the lecturer. Recommendations to make communication more effective and establish quality relations.

Organizational details

The training shall be provided if the minimum number of 5 participants have registered at the following e-mail address:  jstrelec@vlastnicesta.cz.

Venue of training: Brno. The training can be taking place on the premises of a company that has ordered at least 5 participants.

Price: 2.000CZK per participant.

Jiří Střelec

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