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Coaching mentoring consultancy

Consulting - is designing, providing expert advice, solutions, practices in the specialized areas of expertise to the third party. The aim is to help quickly, cheaply (relative to a given…

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Communication with employee, manager

Public relations are techniques, methods and tools by which a company or a society creates, maintains credibility relationships and awereness with its surroundings (the public, partners, suppliers,…

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Crisis management

Crisis management, crisis plan team

Crisis management (crisis management) differs significantly from ordinary management. While management routinely seeks to stabilize, grow, develop, invest, and make a profit, crisis management in…

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Company strategy

Strategy best vision smart objectives swot

Strategy is an area where a company is looking for a state it wants to get into in the future in order to be successful. It is a simple, purposeful way to find my own vision (where I want to be and…

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Management | leadership

Management leadership leading employee managerial academy

Management is ability to manage, lead a group of workers (team) to work together to achieve company goals, interest of groups or other objectives.

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Law | Labor | Commercial | Copyright

Law labor business commercial authors copyright

Law is a set of rules of conduct (orders, prohibitions or permits) issued by the state, which govern the employment, business and other relationships of the company.

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Quality | process management

Quality ISO 9001 process management

Discipline dealing with the achievement quality of products and services, systems and increasing their level. This is a quality assurance with the socio-technical systems. There are used the theory…

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Own way - personal development

Personal development, motivation, sense of life

Our own path of personal (spiritual) development - the development of our personal psychic and mental abilities. Finding a way to ourselves and to our skills that we can apply in our lives. It all…

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Human resources

HR human resource management motivation

Human Resources to deal with how to find and exploit the potential of man not only for its own development but also company. How to evaluate the work of worker productivity, as well as a set of…

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Cyber security

Cyber security ISO 27000 information protection

Cyber security is designed to protect a company from the misuse of information and the infrastructure that allows it to be shared. Create an ISMS information security management system according to…

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Audit - auditor, supervisor

Audit - auditor, supervisor

An audit is a process in which an independent auditor examines the functioning of a given area. It obtains irrefutable evidence of how the area works and reveals discrepancies that hinder the…

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Marketing communication | Public Relations

Marketing communication | Public Relations

Marketing is the science of market and its behavior. The base includes, in particular the creation of demand, market research, planning, production program, promotion of products and services.…

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How to use the word "BUT"

The "I can" feeling

BUT. Such a short word. It's hard to imagine the impact that word can have, isn't it?

How to recognize the symptoms of burnout?

Do you recognize the symptoms of burnout syndrome?

Employee mental health is a key factor in the success of any business. Mentally healthy employees are happier and more productive. At the same time, the burnout syndrome is one of the main problems of companies. The big question is: How can we…

Company Change Management | comfort zone

Change management and umbrella? What do these two have in common?

One thing we can be sure of: endless change. Just like the weather, nothing is set in stone. We can trust that, even when we face rain, the sun will always return. One does not exclude the other. We just need to be prepared and use the right…

Quantitative analysis of information security risks - ISO 27001

Information security risk analysis - qualitative or quantitative?

In the past, risks were sought in production, in processes and people. Today, information is the main foundation on which companies can operate. Most companies have all the data and information in data warehouses, clouds, information systems. If…

Consulting law - Urbasek Partners and Own path

Own Way has expanded its portfolio with a great legal specialist

We are pleased to announce that the network of specialists has expanded with a new specialization and a new great lawyer. On February 12, 2021, Jiří Střelec and Vratislav Urbášek from the law firm Urbášek & Partners signed the contract. You can…


Jiří Střelec | 13/02/2021

Automation digitalization reporting

Automation and digitization: experience with productivity level evaluation

Work productivity evaluation - one of the basic activities and one of the basic data that we use in stabilizing processes, increasing performance, planning and continuous improvement. To be able to use current real productivity data effectively…


Audit workflow automation - case study

Audits, as an important part of the control and development of organizations, are familiar to all of us. There are a number of them, from audits of management systems, information security, health and safety, to audits of an operational nature, such…

Crisis manager Jakub Zahrádka

Crisis management in your company? Temporary marriage between the owner and the crisis manager.

The crisis manager's mission is to help the client through a crisis period that almost every company gets into sooner or later. He or she is an experienced manager who can do the job well, if certain rules work. Which are they and what to set…

Digital era

Digitization and automation must respect people and corporate culture

Most managers have already encountered the term Industry 4.0, which also includes automation, digitization and automatic data collection and processing. Focusing on the technical side of the organization's development in this direction is…

Process Management Start with reports and kpi

Process Management - Start with reports and kpi

The process setup of a company is a long-term matter. It only takes months to define processes. It costs the company a huge amount of employee capacity and of course the company's money. It will take a number of weeks before everything goes into…

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