IT team training in communication

duration 1.1.2011 - still

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Person: Ing. Taťána Turziková

Description: communication and image of the IT staff to users and management, improve the relationship with users, active communication for the benefit of building good relations

Advisor: Jiří Střelec

Communications Training of IT team focused on understanding your own communication skills and the search for the optimal communication with users. Part of the communication training was the preparation and the communication on camera, including analysis. Every participant must demonstrate discussed the topics practically.

The Result of Cooperation:

Although we were repeatedly discussing the importance of communication with our users (customers) in the IT team, some IT workers were very particular about their personal expertise and ability to find the best technical solution. Assessments of IT work by the top management repeatedly stated that quality and expertise alone were not going to make customers happy. This is why we began search for outside help in the sphere of the customer communication.

When the first communication training was yet to begin, some members of the IT team were taking it just for some boring routine training and were sure they definitely did not need it. We are beginning a long journey and we have all come to realize that the communication training with Mr.Střelec will be everything but a boring routine. On the contrary, we will live through every minute of it to modify our own behaviour, and it is up to each team member how far they will go. All the positive participants´ responses and a fully professional approach both before and after the training on the part of the trainer are not enough for the training to continue. Some customers have already registered a noticeable change for the better in some of the IT team members. That has reassured us that this communication training makes good sense.

We recommend this training to everyone who does not seek just another routine training, but a real training with a touch of personal experience. It is going to show the way forward to those who are willing to change. 





Advisor ideas

„Nobody is going to collect results for the manager.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

The manager is supposed, along with his or her team, to deliver results for the company. That is what they are paid for. The results need to be proven. Not always they are obvious from the reporting, especially if the measurement systems are soft. The manager needs to keep their eyes open, taking into account every change, result, conclusion and communicating them to the others.

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