All new articles or methods described are displayed directly in the sections of individual lines. The news seems to have lost its purpose, but it has not. We still have the news from the lives of the OwnWay consultants. When something interesting outside a professional sphere turns up, or it does not concern a method, standard or offer, we will write about it in the News. It is here where you can find the latest news on changes in the consultancy portal, introductions of newly arrived consultants, OwnWay workshops and so on.

Development of young competitors - Commissioner training

Jiří Střelec | 27/08/2020

Development of young competitors

On August 27, 2020, Jiří Střelec trained the commissioners of junior competitions for bartenders and baristas. He focused mainly on how to direct young people in competition to strengthen their desire for a profession. Together, we thought about…

Ideas form our lives

Jiří Střelec | 01/01/2016

Ideas form life

In our lives, we behave according to our beliefs. We engage in activities that we need or want. In their core, invariably, there is an idea. An idea that has captured our imagination so much that we have let it in our life…


| 08/02/2012


Poradna slouží k zadání Vašeho dotazu, nebo odborného problému, který Vás trápí. U každého dotazu můžete zadat obory do kterých dotaz patří. Dotaz pak přijde…

PF 2011

Jiří Střelec | 26/12/2010

PF 2011

Ownway wish all to achieve their own dreams and happiness in your personal and professional life. How to achieve this will tell the accompanying idea.

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