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publication date 26.12.2010

Ownway wish all to achieve their own dreams and happiness in your personal and professional life. How to achieve this will tell the accompanying idea.

Let us think to happiness and we will attract her into our lives.

Believe their own dreams, working to implement them, and they will become a reality.

Spread the happy and fulfill dreams has always meaningful.

Our lives will be happier and filled.

Jiří Střelec

own way

Jiří Střelec

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„Standardization of work needs to be managed systemically and with a feeling for people.“ more >>

Michaela Opletalová Michaela Opletalová

High-quality standards will enable the company to effectively manage capacity, remuneration, deadlines and the course of orders. Norms and standards can be processed in any type of production. There are several ways to approach work standardization, and choosing the right way depends on the type and size of production. We must also not forget to create a system of norms and standards and incorporate data into information systems and other specific elements of the organization.

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