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The OwnWay consultants take testimonials very seriously. For them, testimonals represent the proof the customers were really satisfied with the services rendered when they were willing to supply testimonials to be publicized here. Simultaneously, the customer points out the results and success they have achieved in practice. That is the reason why here at the consultancy portal you will only find testimonials written and signed by the customer on their company´s headed paper. If the testimonial includes the customer´s logo, it is the consultant´s responsibility to have acquired the permission in writing to use the logo.

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Quality - Management systems (ISO, IATF, AS)

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Visual system ISO 9001 a ISO 27001

To prepare a very simple visual system for dynamic, flexible company in the field of software. The Quality Management System to prepare for certification…

Human resources



Consultancy in the field of HR processes, solving problematic situations. Long-term cooperation and consultation in the areas of planning, creating and solving…

Human resources

Simplon Power

Simplon Power

Personal consulting - human resources, communications. Creation of an effective system of human resources and the subsequent setting and implementation of…


Logo J&T

Communication training of L1

Find a way how to individually improve own communication and create a good image of the IT team. Help to increase the effectiveness of communication and…

Work safety, fire protection


Quality Management, Safety

The main point of cooperation was implement QMS system according ISO 9001 standard. The cooperation was branched out later into training and…

Management | leadership

J&T Logo

Management Training

The cooperation and the training were aimed at preparing selected workers for the position of a teamleader or a manager. Providing them with enough training,…

Human resources

Logo Alphaduct


To evoke changes in the communication of  IT staff and improve their communication with the users and staff of the company. 

Quality - Management systems (ISO, IATF, AS)


Internal auditor training

Preparation of internal auditors and audit capabilities enhance the benefit of company while creating good relationships. To set Audit as a tool for the…

Quality - Management systems (ISO, IATF, AS)



Modelling and optimization of process map, proposals to streamline the management and vision and also how to simplify the system.


Logo Continental


Creating  a long-term development plan and increasing competitiveness 


Logo JT

IT team training in communication

Communications Training of IT team focused on understanding your own communication skills and the search for the optimal communication with users. Part of the…

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