Internal Development Program

duration 18.1.2020 - still

Edag Production Solutions

Person: Erik Menke

Description: Internal development program for all levels of the company focusing on management, communication, motivation, process management, team management and development, project management ...

Advisor: Jiří Střelec

The aim of the cooperation was to find suitable solutions for stabilizing teams after very demanding performance lasting more than a year. To develop knowledge of workers and managers in the areas of communication, leadership, management system settings, teamwork and project management. Address the current situation in accordance with the long-term strategy of the company. Assist active workers to individual development.

We started cooperation with the company Vlastní cesta s.r.o. in y. 2019, when we were looking for a partner to cover the internal development program of EDAG Production Solutions CZ for employees at various management levels.
Since the first contact with Mr. Jiří Střelec, the cooperation has started to mutual satisfaction. Language instructor who provides training content is understandable and grip for both our administrative and technical staff. After each training, our employees appreciate not only lecturing skills, but also a strong focus on practice and immediate use of the acquired knowledge.

Based on the workshops, we have updated or revised the internal processes and guidelines. Communication in our company has improved significantly. Managers can see progress in their leadership mainly because the individual training blocks are tailored to us. The Knowledge Line, which is based on knowledge from individual training blocks, contributes greatly to development.

As a training organizer, it is very important for HR that communication with the trainer is always very fast and focused on customer satisfaction.
Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic 13.1.2020
EDAG Production Solutions CZ
Erik Menke, Managing Director





Advisor ideas

„Change is not just an event, it is a process!“ more >>

Michaela Opletalová Michaela Opletalová

Change that is to be sustainable combines many factors and perspectives. We can look at it from the point of view of hard numbers, data and facts, but also from the point of view of acceptance and change in human thinking and attitude. If an organization wants to make changes that are accepted and bring about the improvements that are expected of them, it must work systematically not only with statistics and calculations, but also with people.

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