The mission of the consultant is to find appropriate ways of solving problems of his clients and to create systems that are for people. Continually seek efficient ways to create synergies and benefits. Management of small and medium enterprises need to combine multiple disciplines for successful management. They can not afford to hire each of them separately advisor. Consultants should therefore have the knowledge and experience in multiple fields.

He acquired experience as a quality engineer, and later on as a director and management representative for quality in Gity, the telecommunications company. He combined the work of a quality representative with Public Relations and the function of a press agent. He published his ideas and views in 25 articles and presentations.

In 1997 he co-founded the Junior Quality Club (JQC). This unique club associated university students of quality disciplines, business specialists – managers, engineers, and management representatives for quality, and university professors. They regularly published articles with the views of young quality people of the life around us.

Ing. Jiří Střelec worked on the following interesting projects:

  • Certification according to ISO 9001/2000
  • Certification according to ASME NQA-1
  • Implementing business proncipes of T. Baťa to modern company
  • Czech Paralympic Team
  • Emil – supporting handicapped children
  • Corporate Package for VIPs and representatives of government
  • Internet shop with GPS
  • Internet consultancy portal OwnWay, he is autor

He currently works as a project manager in Public Relations and in a marketing agency. At the same time he renders consultancy services in the sphere of quality management of companies.

Key qualifications

  • Quality Manager European Certificate (EOQ)
  • Public Relations seminar in USA (3 weeks, May 1999)
  • The First Phase of the Action Learning MBA program
  • Postgraduate study – uncompleted
  • Quality Engineer Diploma and Certificate
  • University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering

Way of cooperation With my customers I follow a basic principle of cooperation built on solving their problems with the objective of increasing customers’ satisfaction, see Fig. Principle of Cooperation. Everything is done with an ongoing assessment of costs and effectiveness. Operatives are gradually trained in the themes which they topically need. Evaluations and recapitulation of benefits are carried out on a continuous basis.

Consultant Services

  • Process control optimization of company system
  • Modeling systems - process map, linking the activities of the company with an emphasis on results
  • Shadow consultancy for managers - helping to solve business problems
  • SWOT analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Staffing and capacity audit
  • Training how to prepare concepts
  • Training of management and employees to:
    • management system
    • management
    • presentation and communication skills
    • business skills
    • project management
    • audits
    • rules and principles of quality
  • Strategy, design, development of the plan, performance evaluation etc.
  • Preparation for the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 19011, AS 9100, TS 16949
  • Holding the office management representative for quality
  • Helping with selection of employees - personal interviews
  • Guidance of negotiations and meetings management
  • Training of internal auditors with an emphasis on improving communication and
  • etc