The manager has a very wide scope of activity in the spheres they are supposed to manage/lead. We have learned from experience that lots of managers (the young ones, in particular) need to make things clear in what their work includes. They are mostly unable to put together their own model of all the controlled activities themselves. OwnWay have prepared a model that the participants adapt to their own conditions. 

Intended for   junior managers, company owners, beginner managers, assistant managers, heads of departments
Duration 1 day (specific to real needs of the company and the participants´ skills)
Number of participants 10
Lecturers  Jiří Střelec

Management represents a lifetime of education. Once you have begun thinking you have mastered one rung of the professional ladder a change will be just around the corner. A manager works with humans and each human has different ideas and manners.  Plus there will always be new challenges, projects, technologies added continously to the existing ones. Finding a way of managing all this with their own team while helping everybody with their personal development is the duty of the manager and his or her deputy. Working together, we will try to do precisely that at our interactive training workshop.  

As part of the training workshop, the participants will try to put together their own work model while utilizing the manager´s work model provided by OwnWay. They adapt the model in line with their newly acquired knowledge to match the environment of their own company. Our model has been formed based on the management system we have created for small, medium and big companies.  We also use international standards such as ISO 9001, TS 16949, AS 9100 and others.  

The training is chronologically set up to follow the sequence of steps in which a new manager takes over his or her position. It does not deal just with what they have to take over, but also with the ideal sequence in which the individual activities should be taken over and developed.  In fact, it represents the manager´s life cycle, from taking their posion over to eventually leaving it.  

The entire training is interactive. Step by step, the lecturer and the participants discover critical points and pitfalls of specific managerial positions. The lecturer has been auditing various managerial positions for over 20 years (logistics manager, quality manager, R&D manager, production manager, ... ...) and, therefore, is able to highlight specific difficulties of particular professional positions while proposing specific ways of improvement.  

The training programme includes:  

  • The life cycle of the manager/ team leader  - the model covers the elementary spheres: 
    • strategies
    • teams
    • processes
    • plans
    • inspections
    • measures
    • meetings
    • evaluation
    • ….
  • Strengthening of working relationships within the team
  • Manager´s communication 
  • Calendary of regular annual activites
  • Support of working relationships during the business year
  • Coordination of models – the manager´s life cycle and Calendary of activities

The participants can work independently or they will be divided into two groups to prepare the best model for their work to be utilized in their daily business routine.  

The training result 

Understanding the duties of the manager, setting up own optimal model of the team management and achieving the best results for the company. Preparation of the calendary of regular annual activities. Learning various ways of team management and getting the mutual feedback from colleagues and lecturers on the way of management and the communication in the team. 

The price

The price depends on the customer´s specific requirements. Feel free to call up and have us tailor-make the training programme and the calculation precisely to your specification.