What is cyber security?

Our company, companies and any organization need information for their operation. Without information, management cannot decide, production cannot start production lines, hospitals cannot diagnose or provide the right medication, energy companies cannot prevent blackouts, etc. Information management within an organization is an absolutely key issue. Their publication, loss, damage, theft can mean the end of the organization or huge losses.
Cyber ​​security is a system of security measures that protects against the misuse of information and the infrastructure that allows it to be shared. The goal is to protect all devices in the organization that are connected to the network, and therefore it is necessary to address cyber security for them. It doesn't just matter if the device contains sensitive data. In the case of cyber security, all devices need to be viewed in the context of all other devices and the entire organization. An example is a factory machine that is connected to an internal network. Although this machine does not contain any sensitive data, but if it was damaged by a cyber attack, there could be large losses in production (production downtime, production of scrap, etc.)
Cyber ​​security arose mainly with the development of information technology, the Internet and the interconnection of information systems. This created a completely new concept of cyberspace, of which everyone is now a part. Cyber ​​security is not just a question for information technology (IT) specialists, but for every user. We all use the internet, we log in to bank accounts, to social networks, where we have a lot of personal sensitive information. So we all felt the impact of security on the need for, for example, stronger passwords to the system and their constant updating, two-factor authentication, disk encryption, etc.