OwnWay has been established as a consultancy portal intended for all consultants and their potential clients. It seeks practical and easy-to-apply solutions to problems using modern methods in order to help develop both companies and individuals. 


The OwnWay website was established by Mr.Jiří Střelec following his successful career of many years in the consultancy business. He did so because there are a lot of entrepreneurs, managers or simply people who need help and for whom the professional advice, in most instances even focused on a single specialization, is not always an affordable option. Should they need 2 specializations, there will be 2 consultants assisting. They look for someone who knows about their problems and is willing to assist them in finding the right direction. This is sometimes more important than having solved a particular problem alone.


It is a specialized website focused on the consultancy services in all areas ‒ marketing, management, communication, public relations, media, human resources, quality assurance system, safety of work and fire protection, six sigma, lean manufacturing, environment protection, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, accounting, tax returns, law, certifications, the Internet services, psychology, mind cure, finance, etc.

It is intended for every consultant or a firm of consultants who, on behalf of their clients, look for optimal ways leading to success and prosperity. It exists principally for those who endorse man´s natural features and skills in such a way as they find solutions to their problems and their own lives´ journeys.


The OwnWay website is open to all problems that need to be solved by:

● owner – entrepreneur - manager

● specialist – worker - teamleader

● father – mother - child

● simply everybody in their own lives


The OwnWay website brings you:

● consultants´ ideas

● presentations of individual consultants and consultancy companies

● the way of learning

● communication system for consultants and their clients ‒ NEW

● introduction of methods utilized in the particular professional specializations ‒

The SWOT analysis, the Porter model of competition forces, the Investment

Effectivity Analysis, the Financial Analysis, the Finance – the Ratio Analysis,

The Altman Model.

● standards ‒ ISO 9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and

other standards

● offers of workshops, trainings, teach-ins …

● offers of consultancy services

● an academy section that includes expert articles classified according to the

particular fields of specialization

● a consultancy clinic for all your inquiries - NEW

● a possibility to search for consultants as per territories and the methods utilized

● practical tips, models, …

● assessment of consultants´ and consultancy companies´ presentations

by visitors - NEW



Our objective is not just doing the counselling alone, but establishing a serious and long-term partnership. A partnership that is safeguarded by mutual trust, protection of know-how and information.

We create conditions for those customers who seek help, making it possible for them to pick a consultant they need. They get to know his or her methods, views, ideas, experience. Customers will find everything under one roof ‒ a single website for all the spheres of counselling.

Principally, the articles we publish are written on the basis of our practical experience. We describe what has proven good and brought results in our clients. We continuously seek to put a theory to work in practice. A new method is tested first, second we find its practical application, and, third, we create templates and models for using.



Everyone in their lives follows their own way. Sometimes they find their way overshadowed by a cloud, sometimes they stand at a crossroads. Where we should go and what direction to take is up to us. However, there is always a possibility to consult our situation with someone who knows better where the possible paths might lead us and what the possible outcomes might be. Our best course of action in this situation will be turning to a qualified and experienced consultant. The one who knows that particular area better than us. After all, we cannot be experts at about everything and in such a great detail too.

The great art of counselling consists in finding an optimal solution for a specific customer enabling them to take a decision for their own way in life.“ Jiří Střelec



Every applicant/consultant who wishes to have their presentation on the OwnWay portal will be tested by practice. No test or exam shall ever be able to measure a suitable approach to the customer and their satisfaction with a consultant´s services. This is why a registered consultant, in close cooperation with the portal´s owner, will:

1. prepare an article on a selected subject in their respective specialization,

2. prepare an offer for the customer,

3. execute an order or will cooperate in training, workshop, teach-in for the


All written articles and offers will be published on the OwnWay with the author´s name provided. Suppose everything goes well and the customer is satisfied, then the consultant can become a member of the OwnWay consultant network and take advantage of all its benefits.

If you are a consultant, the offer of your choice is to be found here. If you are a firm of consultants, look for your offer at http:/www.vlastnicesta.cz/… spolecnosti/ If you need help, take advantage of our consulting clinic.