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On the OwnWay consultancy portal we publish articles describing experience our consultants have gained in their respective practices. They write about what helped their customers, how they have become successful and got the results, how their workers´ thinking have been transformed and so on. The reader can make their choice from two principal spheres of interest: CORPORATE (focused on management, business, work with employees, etc.) and PERSONAL (issues regarding personal lives and development). Articles can be filtered by the industry, consultant and method.

The Competence Center - assessing the managers´ skills

AC/DC cheaper than an HR agency

 It sounds pretty musical indeed, yet it really means assessment and…

assessment center, skills, key

Communication on commencing a new job

How to introduce a new worker

Entering the job of a new worker is the result of a costly and time-consuming…

new worker entering the work

how to set their salary fair

How to set their salary fair

Managers are frequently troubled with  the dilemma whether someone´s…

salary, remuneration, bonus

conflict between teams

How to settle conflicts between teams

 You try to succeed,  to provide your workers with future and job security…

conflict, team, cause

The pitfalls od praising and criticizing

When praising and criticizing do not…

Providing workers with the feedback makes the bread and butter of the manager´…

feedback, praising

Attitude leadership for success

Attitude leadership

With the advent of leadership, the trend of introducing processes is increasingly being sidelined. The processes…

leadership, information

Employee motivation  - crisis

When Standard Employee Motivation Does…

There is more and more work.  It keeps increasing in volume.  Your…

employee motivation, crisis

Changes to ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management System

The up-to date system need not fear ISO…

Effectively prepared management system need not fear ISO 9001 changes, for example…

management system, ISO 9001

Press conference

How to increase the effect of a press…

A press conference is a very important tool of Public Relations for communication…

press conference, social

Ineffective communication - the problem rests outside the non-verbal communication

Causes of ineffective communication

The non-verbal communication largely does not tend to be the cause of bad…

communication, non-verbal

Creating products - services

Target group is the key to fulfilling…

Everybody should strive to accomplish their goals – without the exception of…

product, market analysis

Finding the way to people and the change. Ever.

Efficiency of change is where the…

Not a crown wasted. Not an hour of a man´s capacity lost. Yes, such…

change management, potential

The Most Frequent Failings in Creating SWOT analysis

The Most Frequent Failings in Creating…

A SWOT analysis represents  a frequently used method  to create a strategy…

SWOT matrix, method, analysis

Recommendations for everybody who walks their own way

OwnWay Steps to Take - 10…

In fact, life is a long journey on which we continuously make decisions where we go…

life, mission, consultancy

Internal dialogue - authentic speech

The authenticity of presentations

Sometimes everyone can be in a situation, when he or she must face for some reason…

internal dialogue, stage fright

Self-assurance - believing in your own abilities

The Glamour of Self-Assurance

Being self-assured equals to living free of fear. It means we feel so sure…

self-assurance, fear

It is better to positive thinking, than to lose a lot of time by negative outbursts

How to be positive

You often hear people say - Do be positive! Think positive! This is the way out of your problems. Except that…

active, positive view, cause

The creative map during implemntation of the change of the consultancy portal with LA TAUPE agency

Visul models will expedite changes

There are many changes and they have to be made into the reality. Now the question…

creative system, visualization

Interest and the desire to immerse oneself in the problem make the first step of creativity.

Creativity is not a coincidence

You may have come across the opinion that creativity is a privilege of just a few…

creativity, concentration

Process Audits

Process Audits

Internal audits are indispensable for retroactive verification of management systems according to the…

chief auditor, audit plan, ISO

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Every management system generates results and a more effective performance only if it includes everybody and everybody uses it properly. If the management regards the system only as a pro forma profit-making tool for the workers, the system is never going to work as it should.

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