Time is of the essence - time is valuable. We want to have everything finished immediately. Customers can’t tolerate long wait times. Customers want information, but their suppliers don’t provide it for them, or they are completely unavailable. It is up to us to use technology to find what is easiest for our customers, and to find what it is they want. Our goal is to make our customers feel stronger positive emotions. and emotions, as it is known, are the main reason why customers buy.

The most important thing is the first reaction

Your mobile number is on your web pages. Your customers can find you, and they need your goods. You need to have it immediately. Pick up the mobile. Press the numbers. Call. And what is next? 

One option is that somebody picks up the call. Alright. You know what you want to tell them. Sell it.

What if nobody picks up the mobile? The customer doesn’t answer, and he doesn’t know when he will. (Note: Mobile phones are very often used for both private calls and customer calls). Customer can call after working hours. The customer is waiting for a call back. But nobody calls him back. He will find a different supplier. There are lots of e-shops on the internet. I think all readers have this experience. The first impression decides how your customers feel about you and your services. Will your customers feel good after talking with you, or will they have a bitter taste in their mouth because of another unsolved issue.

Categorize calling, it will save you time

What if the same situation could look better? The mobile phone is in a complex telephone operating system. For example, you might call and hear: „Hello, you are calling e-shop XY. If you want to know if your goods are in stock, press one. If you want to know where your ordered goods are, press two. If you want to claim your goods, press three. 

We all know this script, and we all have had this experience. If the system is set up well, then there will be a combination of good technology, invaluable savings, and a positive impact on your successful business. Your customer will easily find what they need on your web pages. They will either find what they need, or they will need more information, at which point they will communicate with a competent person to help them. You won´t have to spend time working as a telephone operator and give the caller a number of your colleague, who is not in the office currently. Instead, you can focus on your priorities, new products, and VIP customers care.

Try to do a small experiment. You have lots of incoming calls. Divide them into two categories:

  • I don´t have to solve it.
  • I have to solve it.

If your first category is bigger, think of how many minutes you spent with every incoming call. If your first category is bigger, think… how much time did you spend with every incoming call? How were you disturbed from your important work? Multiply the wasted time by your hourly working rate. If it’s over 5.000 CZK, then it is better for you to have the technology that can divert these types of incoming calls. You will be more effective and you will be able to spend money on achieving your goals. 

Tips or risks for the future

Imagine if every one of your incoming calls was written and you would know what your clients needed. You would know specifically what you should change on your web pages or your e-shop. What information did your employees miss via telephone customer care? 

What if your mobile phone will be stolen, or what if you lose it? You could lose your orders, or worse, lose your contacts! Provided that this issue happened to you, wouldn´t it be better to have your communication with clients independent of your mobile phone? Or maybe, would it be possible that you might be in a call when a different client calls you, and you forget to call them back? How would your client feel if your customer care finished their fiftieth call, while your fourtyfifth call wasn’t handled by an employee? 

The last tip. What do you think about companies A and B:

The company A - has a chatbot. The chatbot answers questions according to the marketing department. The client can´t find a phone number or e-mail address. This is nothing compared to talking to a real person. There isn´t any positive and nice communication. On the other hand the chatbot is the chatbot. 

Company B - has an employee who has to know all the information to answer client’s questions. He is kind, but it is a long process to find information. The employee is only able to take a limited amount of incoming calls. In my experience, it is better to find a healthy combination between interacting with technology and employees. A good example of this is a complex telephone system that has profesional technology in customer care. 

Positive interactions for telephones

Break down uneffective switching ustonished and unpleased sentences: „Why do you calling me here, this isn´t my issue..“ (Note: very often information from hospitals. On their web pages we are not able to find a right phone number. They can´t switch over firstly.) Save time, and your customer’s time too! Technology has lots of information that can help you, and it will allow you to focus on more important issues.