The TDS CERT certification body is a standalone, independent, impartial and financially stable company with sufficient resources to run a system of certification. The aim of TDS CERT is to provide quality services in the sphere of management systems certification, thus bringing our clients an arguable added value. 

TDS CERT is an accredited certification company offering primarily a common-sense approach to certification of control systems. Our common-sense approach is, in the first place, based on the following:

  • intelligible communication
  • making you understand how the system benefits your everyday work
  • highlighting the system´s added value for management

Our motto is not just to issue another new certificate, but to spread awareness of the benefit both the management and workers can gain through a due application of the control of quality, environment and safety. Step by step, we require the company to grow continuously, which fact must have implications within the finacial sphere too. This activity will be appreciated most by the owners and the top management of our clients.


  • machinery industry
  • building industry
  • electrical engineering
  • telecommunications
  • information technologies


  • Quality Management System Certification pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2001 standard;
  • Environment Management System Certification pursuant to ČSN EN ISO  14001 : 2005 standard;
  • Safety of Work and Health Protection Management System Certification pursuant to OHSAS 18001 specification;
  • Information Security Management System Certification pursuant to ČSN ISO/IEC/27001 standard.


  • Certification of integrated management systems
  • Carrying out pre-certification audits of management systems


  • June 25, 2007  The TDS CERT certification body issued the first CERTIFICATE OF CERTIFICATES to GiTy corporation. This rare certificate confirms a successful certification of the four management systems of GiTy, a.s. (quality management system – as per ISO 9001; environment management system – as per ISO 14001; safety of work and health protection system – as per OHSAS 18001; information security management system – as per ISO 27001).
  • December 1, 2007  The TDS CERT certification body acquired an accreditation certificate no. 672/2007. This certification was issued by The Czech Institute For Accreditation on the basis of assessment of the accreditation criteria fulfillment as per ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17021 : 2007, and makes good TDS CERT possesses the expertise to perform, independently and objectively, certifications of quality management, environment management, safety of work and security of information management systems.