Quality Management, Safety

duration 1.1.2008 - still


www: www.ltprojekt.cz

Person: Luděk Tomek

Description: Quality management system, health and safety at work, register and occupational health and safety risk analysis

Advisor: Pavel Trvaj

The main point of cooperation was implement QMS system according ISO 9001 standard. The cooperation was branched out later into training and documentation creation for occupational health and safety including internal audits realisation.

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Reference confirmation


We confirm that we have been cooperated with Mr. Pavel Trvaj since 2008. He is our external consultant for QMS area. The base of our cooperation was management system introducing along ISO 9001. The cooperation was branched out later into documentation´s creation and providing of occupational health and safety training in LT PROJEKT company.

The quality management system was introduced and certified in 2008 and this year was successfully realised already the second cycle of recertification. There were no disagreements identified during the audits.

There were created documentation in 2010 to fullfil legal requirements in BOZP area, which contains the required procedures, occupational health and safety register and risk analysis, procedures of working injuries  solving and so on.

The cooperation with Mr. Trvaj is very much profitable for our company. If there are some obscurities or questions, Mr. Trvaj is at disposal on the phone whenever it is needy. There are regularly consultations  in our company´s seat after phone agreement. We are satisfied with his professional solving and practical view of tackled problems. He is always ready for our meeting, helpfull and patient. Our cooperation will be continued.


Best regards

Ing. Luděk Tomek


Kroftova 45, 616 00 Brno

tel.: +420 533 445 500






Advisor ideas

„Nobody is going to collect results for the manager.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

The manager is supposed, along with his or her team, to deliver results for the company. That is what they are paid for. The results need to be proven. Not always they are obvious from the reporting, especially if the measurement systems are soft. The manager needs to keep their eyes open, taking into account every change, result, conclusion and communicating them to the others.

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