I focus on data analytics, systems for agile data processing, reporting and related elements of automation and digitization. I am a specialist in LEAN and its connection with information technologies, not only in production companies, but also in the field of services, banking, trade and healthcare. I can create dynamic simulations of processes and operations and apply to them the current state of the company and future forecasts or various variants of the future state.

The key areas of human knowledge for me are: information technology, industrial engineering and common sense.

Information technology is for some magic, for other work or entertainment. Historically, we have seen many applications with which not everyone agrees. After all, if we imagine what is happening in the background of our browsers or free internet services, I will suddenly see the dreaded dark side of the Internet and the possibilities it offers. Maybe a certain amount of caution is needed, maybe all the worries are unnecessary, but in any case, technology helps us to live a more comfortable life in perhaps all areas we can imagine.

There are many situations in which we can use information technology to fully serve us and our needs. The basic precondition for their effective use is an agile solution, which often enables the use of such technologies and systems that we already have available and their interconnection. The processes on which we can build a quality system and thus lay the foundation for automation and digitization of our activities are always important here. On such a basis, we are able to build secure systems for documentation management, automated task management, personalized reporting for effective managerial decision-making or streamline project management. Are we creating a new task or a new order? In this case, the system can automatically generate and pre-fill the documents and templates we need after filling in the required data. How about setting your phone to automatically mute at a meeting time in certain rooms or times?

Enter a world where what a computer can process, let the computer process. Into a world where human potential is used and workers are not overwhelmed by operations and routine tasks. Build on your processes and don't be afraid of digitization and automation.


Industrial engineering is an area that I focus on in manufacturing companies. It's about finding better ways not just for organizational issues. All knowledge, experience, is directly in the people who work every day and create value. They know quite well what they would like to change and what "annoys" them at work. It is one of the important sources of ideas and thoughts in improving and solving the effectiveness of activities. The most fulfilling thing is to create an environment with people in which we can train on simulation games or discuss changes in production without consequences. After all, if we take a team of adjusters, maintenance workers or a group of production workers and tell them, "Today you will be part of an interactive workshop!", Then something will happen. Something that will awaken us all. It is interesting to show who is king in the current sandpit. Suddenly we can talk about problems, we can say what should change and we are not afraid to express our opinion. This way we can start the first step of change management - the desire for improvement and the idea of ​​change.

Tools, systems, methods and approaches. All this is here for us to use the potential of everything that theory and practice offer us. To achieve our goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but cooperation and communication between all involved is always important. Discover with me ways to start changes, save costs, increase quality and productivity.


I am looking forward to cooperate with you.


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