The consultant focuses primarily on the areas of measurement, data analysis and process improvement, design of data collection system in production, simulation of production and logistics systems. He always likes to look for new ways in which technology can serve us higher values.

The fundamental areas of knowledge for Thomas are: industrial engineering, information technology.

Industrial engineering is an area that is mainly devoted to manufacturing companies. It is about how to find better ways not only for organizational issues. All knowledge, experience is directly connected with the people who work daily and create value. They know quite well what they would like to change and what is most "annoying thing" at their work. It is one of the important sources of ideas for improving and addressing the effectiveness of activities. After all, if we take a team of adjusters, maintenance workers or a group of production workers and tell them "you will be part of an interactive workshop today", then something happens afterwards. Something that will arouse in all of us an interest in showing who is king in the current sandbox. Suddenly we can talk about problems, we can say what should change and we are not afraid to express our opinion. This is probably the start of something that textbooks could call sustainable improvement and change management in organizations.

Information technology is for someone magic, for others it can stand for work or entertainment. Historically, we have seen many applications that not everybody agrees with. After all, if we imagine what is going on behind the background of our browsers or free internet services, we suddenly see the "darkside" of the Internet and the possibilities it offers. Maybe some caution is needed, perhaps all fears are unnecessary, but in any case, technology helps us to have a more comfortable life in almost every area we can imagine. Many ideas arising from workshops or analyzes can be set up or processed in a way that computers can serve us and our needs. In a professional concept, we are talking about how to ensure that we are alerted when a master has not completed a shift transfer form. We can choose to receive a message if we change the status of the project or agree on its results. Are we creating a new problem or new order? In this case, the system can automatically generate and pre-populate the documents and templates that we need after completing the required information. How about you set up your phone to automatically silence when meeting in certain rooms or times?

Everything has its pros and cons and there is no universal approach to solving all problems. Nor it is necessary to solve everything at once. A stimulating environment with quality system support in the back puts together a way that can drive business forward. Tools are for people, systems for society, and changes that are not driven accidentally lead to successful achievement of our goals.