The DMAIC method is more detailed than the previously-used PDCA cycle designed to introduce changes, solve problems and enhance standards in such spheres as environment protection, quality, safety of labour, etc. It is a method every consultant should have in their fingertips.


DMAIC Method

In context with development of continual improvement, quality, safety or environmental level improvement DMAIC Method has been created. In point of fact, it is improved "PDCA cycle": The quality is the area where the cycle achieved main progress and implementation. PDCA cycle has not already suit the purpose of new requirements and that was the reason to create DMAIC method.

Nowadays it is mainly used as a part of the SIX Sigma philosophies

DMAIC Description

The method defines 5 phases for successful implementation of change or a project control for improvement.

**D – Define** - In the first phase the targets are specified, information is collected, expected final status is being described, a team is established. The process to be improved is described. As a part of the process description (start & end of the process, inputs & outputs, etc.) is a scope of process itself. The plan including specific actions for solving problem is defined.

**M – Measure** - Consecutive steps which shall be achieved and which results in the fulfillment of the specified goals are important during the improvement. An evidence of the achieved goals is possible only when defined measurements and quantifiable indicators are specified at the beginning. Only in that way is possible to distinguish speculation from reality.

**A – Analyze** - Detected information will be analyzed in detail and real potential for improvement shall be identified. A root cause analysis of problems, noncompliances, dissatisfaction, etc is a baseline. At the same time the question, if the real original problem is being solved, is probed.

**I – Improve** - Is a baseline for real root cause elimination. New parameters of a process are set up, a process is being optimized. Everything is done to improve customer‘s (either internal or external) satisfaction. Customer’s costs improvement or contribution shall be a part of an improvement. Each solution can be tested in a pilot test.

**C – Control** - If the problem is successfully solved or an improvement has been achieved, the last and end step shall be done – to implement every changes, to standardize them into processes or system. We shall verify if the changes are properly asserted and they are a part of every day’s activities. Determination of the time period for achieved results or profits from improvement monitoring is suitable.

DMAIC Applicability

The method is possible to use for whatever problem solving or a new change implementation, an achievement of better and pre-set results or customer satisfaction. DMAIC phases are possible repeat, by which the spiral of continual improvement and better results achievement is spinned.

DMAIC usage areas

DMAIC method can be applied in the following profession:

- Production

- Logistics

- Information systems

- Quality systems

- Management

- Marketing

- Psychology

- In all profession where the current status or process shall be improved.

Every consultant or consultant agency shall know the DMAIC method in nowadays. It could be a part of their work for customers.

DMAIC method is used in his work and was described by "Jiří Střelec": for the Ownway server