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Automation digitalization reporting

Automation and digitization: experience with productivity level evaluation

Work productivity evaluation - one of the basic activities and one of the basic data that we use in stabilizing processes, increasing performance, planning and continuous improvement. To be able to use current real productivity data effectively…

Digital era

Digitization and automation must respect people and corporate culture

Most managers have already encountered the term Industry 4.0, which also includes automation, digitization and automatic data collection and processing. Focusing on the technical side of the organization's development in this direction is…

Positive emotions - the basis of customer care

Support positive emotions your customers

Time is of the essence - time is valuable. We want to have everything finished immediately. Customers can’t tolerate long wait times. Customers want information, but their suppliers don’t provide it for them, or they are completely…

Information security

Information security

Information security - information management system in the company in order to achieve the necessary protection and security of data and information


IT | 23/04/2012

Flowchart - main symbols


Flowcharts easily make it possible to describe progress of operations, activities, their sequence or even fundamental relations among them. Thus, each process or activity is made transparent and simplified.

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