We are pleased to announce that the network of specialists has expanded with a new specialization and a new great lawyer. On February 12, 2021, Jiří Střelec and Vratislav Urbášek from the law firm Urbášek & Partners signed the contract. You can look forward to the interconnection of law and other professional areas of Own way. 

The long-term cooperation eventually resulted in the official signing of the contract and joining the network of Specialists of the Own Way. We worked together for years and got to know each other. We were looking for ways where a lawyer can support a consultant or entrepreneur. We discussed the needs of today's business. We have gradually found that our opinions and requirements complement each other and create useful products. 

Law and its application in business

The main strategy of the law firm Urbášek & Partners is to support the client's business. It's not just a phrase. It is a matter of finding and implementing such legal solutions that will develop or protect the client's business. We found common ground, not on a paper full of paragraphs, but on a paper of business plans, management support, succession, copyright, cyber security, insolvency and more. Everything that entrepreneurs and managers need today.

What I value most and have always lacked for lawyers is to explain the law in the language of an ordinary citizen. Even a law can have a human form in the submission of a capable lawyer. 

New support for managers, entrepreneurs

You probably already know why we signed the cooperation. A lawyer needs to know how companies work in practice. How production is controlled. How to work with employees to be motivated. What the crisis manager has to solve, how software is created, etc. The law cannot be torn from practice. Maybe it's a big dream. If we can contribute a small drop to improvement, we will. 

On the other hand, managers have to make money to keep the company alive. They have no room for years of law study not to make a mistake somewhere. They do not have the opportunity to find out a double and often contradictory interpretation of the law.

We combine not only our strengths, but mainly our knowledge. We have already contributed by jointly linking crisis management and insolvency. We have shown the main purpose of the reorganization and will move on.

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