Information for employers in the state of pandemic COVID-19

Almost no one in the Czech Republic has experienced a pandemic. This is a completely new situation for us, and employers must quickly adapt to the new government regulations and answer employees' questions. Following the spreading pandemic COVID-19, we have prepared for you a brief overview of the rights and obligations that we should fulfill.


Legal aspects of insolvency and reorganization

Are you doing what you can but still in danger of insolvency? Has your business partner submitted on you an unauthorized proposal for insolvency?  Are you going bankrupt? Or are you the opposite, is your business partner in insolvency procedure and you are hesitating how to deal with it rightly from the position of a creditor?

Consulting fields

Cyber security

Cyber security is designed to protect a company from the misuse of information and the infrastructure that allows it to be shared. Create an ISMS information security management system according to ISO 27001. Learn to prepare an analysis of information security risks or how to work with incidents.

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