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Coaching mentoring consultancy

Consulting - is designing, providing expert advice, solutions, practices in the specialized areas of expertise to the third party. The aim is to help quickly, cheaply (relative to a given…

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Communication with employee, manager

Public relations are techniques, methods and tools by which a company or a society creates, maintains credibility relationships and awereness with its surroundings (the public, partners, suppliers,…

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Crisis management

Crisis management, crisis plan team

Crisis management (crisis management) differs significantly from ordinary management. While management routinely seeks to stabilize, grow, develop, invest, and make a profit, crisis management in…

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Company strategy

Strategy best vision smart objectives swot

Strategy is an area where a company is looking for a state it wants to get into in the future in order to be successful. It is a simple, purposeful way to find my own vision (where I want to be and…

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Management | leadership

Management leadership leading employee managerial academy

Management is ability to manage, lead a group of workers (team) to work together to achieve company goals, interest of groups or other objectives.

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Law | Labor | Commercial | Copyright

Law labor business commercial authors copyright

Law is a set of rules of conduct (orders, prohibitions or permits) issued by the state, which govern the employment, business and other relationships of the company.

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Quality | process management

Quality ISO 9001 process management

Discipline dealing with the achievement quality of products and services, systems and increasing their level. This is a quality assurance with the socio-technical systems. There are used the theory…

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Own way - personal development

Personal development, motivation, sense of life

Our own path of personal (spiritual) development - the development of our personal psychic and mental abilities. Finding a way to ourselves and to our skills that we can apply in our lives. It all…

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Human resources

HR human resource management motivation

Human Resources to deal with how to find and exploit the potential of man not only for its own development but also company. How to evaluate the work of worker productivity, as well as a set of…

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Cyber security

Cyber security ISO 27000 information protection

Cyber security is designed to protect a company from the misuse of information and the infrastructure that allows it to be shared. Create an ISMS information security management system according to…

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Audit - auditor, supervisor

Audit - auditor, supervisor

An audit is a process in which an independent auditor examines the functioning of a given area. It obtains irrefutable evidence of how the area works and reveals discrepancies that hinder the…

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Marketing communication | Public Relations

Marketing communication | Public Relations

Marketing is the science of market and its behavior. The base includes, in particular the creation of demand, market research, planning, production program, promotion of products and services.…

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management solution do not work

A good solution for the business requires to going into the depth of the problem

We frequently face the situation when the business owners are seeking for the solution of the business problems in the wrong places. Instead of eliminating the causes of the situation, they want quick, universal solutions and immediate elimination…

Development of young competitors - Commissioner training

Development of young competitors

On August 27, 2020, Jiří Střelec trained the commissioners of junior competitions for bartenders and baristas. He focused mainly on how to direct young people in competition to strengthen their desire for a profession. Together, we thought about…

Discover Skills - Recruiting

Discover the real skills of the employee - recruitment

The prepared presentations and the discussion on the candidate's CV will show only what the candidate has prepared for you. You will learn nothing at all about his professionalism, natural skills for your job position and ability to solve…

Video diagnostics effective recruitment

Save time of your HR and managers - Video diagnostics will help you

One way to save money in HR is to improve personnel selection - to get the right people in the right place. The right fit means lower turnover rate, higher profitability and elimination of costs for recruitment campaigns, selection procedures,…

How to communicate change

Communication of change

It was already here. It won't work. There are too many risks. These are common reactions that managers hear when trying to implement change. The author's enthusiasm is perhaps the worst driving force in the way of communicating change. Often…

Positive emotions - the basis of customer care

Support positive emotions your customers

Time is of the essence - time is valuable. We want to have everything finished immediately. Customers can’t tolerate long wait times. Customers want information, but their suppliers don’t provide it for them, or they are completely…

Enthusiasm and agile approach can introduce a new product within 2 weeks

Competence with enthusiasm speed up new product line up rapidly

Here is a new case study by EDAG Engineering that demonstrates how competence and enthusiasm hand in hand can speed up the process of design and preparation of new product from the very beginning to the production of 10,000 a day. The creative…

Cesta zákazníka nástroj péče o zákazníky

Black holes of customer care

Acquiring a new customer is very expensive. Up to 7 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer. Minor and major errors, blind paths to products, missing or malfunctioning communication channels, and unanswered questions and requests lead…

Communication for managers - work with arguments

Communication as a game of arguments

Just as in a game of chess, an opponent reacts to his opponent's move by moving his piece in the playing field, and at the communication level, we can talk about an imaginary game of arguments. For each opponent's argument there is an…

Personal development by own way

Efficiency or success?

Many times we are encouraged to achieve success. Some of us have the will to achieve success rooted deep within ourselves. But are our successes really successes? Do we feel fulfilled or do we feel as if we still miss something? Success does not…

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