Project Female Talents

duration 1.1.2017 - still



Person: Martin Mušínský

Description: To develop the manager's natural skills and gain benefits for the practical functioning of Continental. Encourage synergies.

Advisor: Jiří Střelec

To motivate and develop management skills of selected talented managers from all over the Czech Republic. Start a natural way of developing talent with your own knowledge. Find the way of optimal development of female managers in leadership. Gain benefits and improvements for Continental's practical functioning, encourage natural exchange of experience between sites, and create synergies.

Company Vlastní cesta s.r.o., led by Ing. Jiří Střelec, based on previous experience for Continental, was again a well-chosen external supplier for the Female Talents project. This year we managed to complete the second annual project focused on Leadership of selected talented women from all dividions in the Czech Republic.

Thorough preparation and set-up of the lecturer team by the contractor led the entire course of the training program to excellent results. The final meeting and individual presentations were very positively evaluated by the present management representatives of Continental. Namely we could pick up other members of the lecturer team who participated in the program for a long time - Ing. Monika Kolkova Jelinkova, Ing. Michaela Opletalova, Mgr. Petr Hlušička, or PhDr. Vojtěch Bednář. Appropriate rotation of lecturers as experts on the topics was one of the main advantages and benefits of the whole program.
Individual modules of educational activities were well prepared and professionally lectured. Speakers were professional, qualified and of a high standard.
During the training sessions, the quality and professionalism of Continental employees has always been improved, so we can recommend this company as a quality education agency and evaluate their training methods as very useful and beneficial.


Ing. Martin Mušinský, Ph.D.

Personnel divize
Talent Management & Organizational Development Country Coordinator Czech Republic

Continental Barum s.r.o.
Objízdná 1628
765 02 Otrokovice
tel: 577 512 503

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