The company's strategy should be realistic and at the same time move the company to higher performance, a better position on the market, and higher quality. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the real potential of the company and the state of the market in which the company operates. SWOT analysis is one of the appropriate tools. At our practical training, you will learn to compile a SWOT analysis of your own team or company. Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, you will process your own situation, data and facts. In addition, you will get a unique SWOT analysis procedure that only Own Path has. Together, we will use the SWOT analysis to prepare your successful company strategy.

Visions and strategies make the basis for the company´s development. They set its direction in the long term. To determine what the direction the company should follow is to eliminate the threats of the market, maximize their internal strengths, represents a no easy objective for the management and selected specialists. It is, however, possible to apply the SWOT analysis interconnected with the long-term planning. The SWOT will help analyze the current situation of the company and its environment. Interconnection between the analysis and the decision-making methods enables the management to make the right decision as to which variant is the optimal one for their company. Subsequently, using the planning and control process, it is possible to coordinate the way how to fulfill the strategic objectives. 

SWOT in practical templates

This training in the SWOT analysis is intended for companies that are interested in good strategy preparation of their own. We will help you understand the purpose and the benefits of the SWOT analysis, but you will primarily do it yourselves under our guidance. It is our objective that the paricipants, after they have left the training, have completed a substantial part of the work. To make the work on the analysis go smoother, we have prepared practical templates into which, gradually, you are going to fill in your own assignment, the team, the SWOT analysis factors, and choose the most suitable method of evaluation. You are going to keep the source material so that you might be able to perform the SWOT analysis again in a year´s time and assess the company´s advancement. 

Our training includes: 

  • The fundamentals of the vision, the strategy, the objectives
  • Introduction of the SWOT analysis
  • Evaluation of the SWOT analysis – a simplified variant and variants:
    • MAX-MAX strategy
    • MIN-MAX strategy
    • MAX-MIN strategy
    • MIN-MIN strategy
  • Support for decision-making methods (the pair comparison method, the Pareto analysis)
  • Work with data and information
  • Preparation and elaboration of the SWOT analysis
  • Planning and implementing the strategy/conception into reality
  • Presentation strategy/conception

Practical strategies

The entire training takes the form of an interactive discussion of the lecturer and the participants. In performing the SWOT analysis, each participant utilizes their own data and the lecturer helps them how to work with those data, how to evaluate them and where to focus the strategy and the objectives. The vision, the strategy and the objectives will be formulated on their basis. At the close of the training, each participant will present the resulting strategy/conception to the others. If the SWOT assignment is too extensive or the participants are interested in collecting more data needed to make the SWOT analysis more accurate, the training can be divided into two stages: 

I. stage (estimated duration 6 to 8 hrs):

  • SWOT fundamentals and work with the templates provided
  • SWOT analysis filled with the company´s data - the duration to be determined by the participants themselves 

II. stage (estimated duration 6 to 8 hrs):

  • evaluation of SWOT analysis
  • defining the company´s strategy 

Recommended duration of the training  - 10 to 16 hrs

Training result

The participants will acquire the ability to apply the SWOT analysis and other practised methods single-handedly, define correctly the assignment, the vison, the strategy and the objectives, prepare the implementation plan of the strategy/conception. 
Feedback from the other participants and primarily the lecturer. Recommendations to streamline the preparation of the strategy/conception. 

The SWOT analysis and strategy training has so far been executed, for instance, in: 

  • Hasičský záchranný sbor ČR
  • Ontario die International
  • Continental Automotive
  • Česká reprografická
  • Novato
  • ...

The price of training

It depends on the range of the contracted work and the intensity of the lecturer´s cooperation with the company and its participants. Training day costs CZK 30.000,- excluding VAT. The recommended number of the participants from the company is 10.

The price for individuals to be established by agreement.