Modelling and setting the processes and procedures

Visual modeling - fast solution to the problem. Always it is necessary to know where and how to start.

The manager´s work is to lead their workers by means of effective processes and work procedures, while setting those processes and procedures. A process needs to be linked to reporting so that the manager can learn whether or not it has been set right achieving the desired results to the benefit of the company. Only the results speak for the manager´s quality work, and they need to be achieved with his or her own team. Managers´ assignments have been ever more challenging and getting the results demands new approaches such as visual models. 

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Offer for companies

Number of participants 3 – 10 (maximum)
Duration of one training 8 - 16 hrs (as a follow-up we recommend individual consulting)
Lecturer Jiří Střelec

The lecturer has had experience of over 15 years modelling the processes and combining the techniques of Public Relations to effectively implement processes and to motivate team to utilize those processes. The training will be focused on visual models, which can easily be linked to reporting. Training participants are then going to understand easily that each particular process has to generate the desired results for the company. When in training, the participants will solve their own new processes or improve their existing ones. If need be, they can interconnect their processes for the job descriptions of their workers. Procedures aimed to promote team cooperation will be used throughout the training.  


Training in modelling will have the following programme:  

  • Methods of effective modelling  
  • Visual models – practical examples
  • Making use of a model to motivate the team
  • Process map
  • Solution to a specific process according to the assignment
  • Reporting essentials
  • Data and information visualization in reporting                    
  • Draft report for the process or procesure being resolved
  • Report date interpretation  
  • Exercise – identifying faults in reporting

The entire training will take the form of an interactive discussion between the lecturer and the participants. The participants will work on specific cases using either their own data or model data supplied by the lecturer. The participants will have to present their respective parts on camera so that it can be told whether they have really mastered that given part or not.

Training can be focused to meet the conditions of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, ISO / TS 16949.

Training result

Getting to know the methods how to visualize processes and procedures that the team should utilize for quality and effective work. Preparation of one specific process including reporting so that it can be applied by the participant in his or her team.  


Price is determined by customer requirements and the number of participants.

Jiří Střelec

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Advisor ideas

„The operational activities causes falling asleep of managers and whole company.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

Every day is increasing long list of tasks and challenges to be solved. In some companies, you would not have to go home and all the time you could work. It still have not finished the tasks. If managers begin to "drown" in such operative, they easy to forget the long-term development of the company. Strategically managers are starting to fall asleep and  company too with them. They do not notice that the surrounding environment is changing day by day and the competitors has brought new technologies and products. Easy then the time will come when no longer need to work. Please, take some time each week to develop yourself, your team, company. Give regular time regular to working of strategy and vision of the company.

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