The work of IT staff rests mainly in communication with users who are internal customers. Thus, altough IT workers are usually depicted as people wearing ragged old jeans, coffee-stained T-shirts, who speak a bizzare language only understood by computer fans, they have to attend to a multitude of phone calls calming down users and resolving issues connected with more than just the computer technology. Our training course is intended for those who need to make communication with users more efficient.

Communication with the internal customer plays a decisive role in creating efficient long-term relations which subsequently effect trouble-free running of the company. The right communication with the internal customer is essential for their willingness to ask us for help next time they are in trouble or not, possibly opposing us along with the entire department to which we belong. Communication between the IT staff and the other workers of the company is very specific, mainly because people differ in their level of the IT expertise and in their opinion about what the term “user-friendly“ actually means. Unfortunately, every word written in an e-mail and said in a telephone conversation determines the future direction of IT help, as well as what the feedback will be like. Communication co-creates the image of helpfulness of the whole IT department for the company. We have to train communication, so that it can become an effective tool in creating relations and a pleasant corporate culture.

Training objectives

  • Gaining practical skills in communicating with the internal customer (from a worker level up, through a team-leader, to the company´s president)  
  • Making communication more efficient in order to improve relations with internal customers


The maximum number of participants: 8
Duration of training: 8 – 16 hours
Lecturer, trainer: Jiří Střelec



The training will include the following subjects:

  • Practical on-camera communication, introducing yourself
  • Face-to-face communication with regard to the internal customer mission
  • Various aspects of communication, communication with the customer
  • Opinion poll results: “Why do not IT staff and white collars understand one another?“ 
  • Using argumentation and preparing to communicate with the customer
  • Corporate culture and image  -  what the customer perceives and will not speak about. Creating the team image.
  • The psychology of communication and the communicator´s persnality
  • Analysing the on-camera exercises

The individual subjects will be supplemented with practical examples and especially with role-playing practise in different situations, such as communication with the customer.

  • Communication between an IT worker and a manager
  • Resolving problems with setting up PC/NB
  • How to communicate an emergency situation of a PC/server failure
  • etc.

Additional examples will be selected after we have received more detailed information on the training participants´ profiles, their skills, qualifications, positions, etc. We also strongly take into account communication with people on different levels of the organization hierarchy. 70% of the training is devoted to doing practical communication exercises with emphasis on the ways how to appeal to other participants in the communication. 

Training results

Discovering yourself in specific situations while communicating with the internal customer (colleagues, managers). Becoming aware of your own practical communication skills. Preparing to establish long-term, beneficial relations through the correct and efficient communication. Getting feedback from the other participants and, particularly, from the lecturer, and recommendations on how to make communication more efficient and how to establish relations of quality.


The training is provided if the minimum number of 5 applicants have registered by e-mail at:

 Venue: Brno. It can take place on the premises of a company which has ordered the minimum of 5 participants.

 Price:  negotiable (depend on number of participants, place of training, and hours of training)