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A company can only be managed effectively with detailed knowledge of its functioning. Yet the management cannot know every detail. They mostly use the process map as a clear overview of the company´s functionality. If you want to manage your company effectively, you need to set up the process map correctly, i.e. it has to be in accord with reality, the company´s objectives, the optimized costs and, ultimately, the profit. Our consultants know how to do precisely that. 

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The road to profit begins with an entrepreneurial intent. The intent is subsequently transformed into a functioning company. This step already demands definition of processes that are essential for the manufacture of products or the provision of services. At this moment, the owners and managers wrestle with many ways how to set up the individual processes and operations effectively so that the costs are the lowest and the profits are the highest. 

Setting up all the operations, processes, departments, information and material flows, costs, workers´ abilities and so on correctly is exceedingly difficult. One way how to achieve the effective result is, in general, modelling and, in particular, modelling of processes. The process approach is fairly common these days, especially because it is required by international standards, for instance, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, TS 16949 and others.

The process map  is the first step towards getting to know or setting up of the company´s functioning. It provides the management with a comprehensive picture of the company´s processes and operations, top responsibilites and the principal implementation flows among the processes. It also makes it possible for the employees to understand how the company they work for functions. Therefore, it has an irreplaceable role in training of new workers, too. 

When it is appropriate to have the process map made: 

  • when establishing a company, division, branch
  • when effecting changes in the company
  • the company to undergo restructuring 
  • creation of new products 
  • to start up the process of improvement
  • to identify bottlenecks (critical situations, risk analysis update, ...)
  • there are suspected inefficiencies in the company
  • introduction of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, TS 16949 management systems

Method to prepare the process map

The preparation of your process map will be carried out in the following steps: 

1. Presentation of the company and its objectives
2. Reading up the information about the company (its strategy, entrepreneurial intent, processes, organization chart)
3. Defining the profiles of the company´s customers
4. Establishing the principal processes
5. Setting up the implementation flows of products
6. Naming the process owners
7. Inspecting the cohesion and functionality

The preparation will take the form of discussion with your managers. Our consultant is going to both model the process map and, at the same time, moderate the discussion. The procedure has been designed to have the managers agree on a single solution that is beneficial for the company. 

The process map will be delivered to you in an electronic form as an object-oriented format (MS Visio) as well as in jpg, pdf. The process map will be prepared in your company´s graphic design so that it can be well presentable to your employees or customers. 

Process map benefits

  • Clear and well-arranged depiction of how the company functions
  • Overview of significant processes
  • Clarification of top responsibilities 
  • Setting up the necessary product flows
  • Support to set up the company´s reporting 
  • Recommendations to improve the company´s functioning
  • Workers will adopt the professional approach and acquire new experience from the consultant (practical training / teach-in / course)


The price for elaboration of the process map starts from CZK 2.000,-. It depends on the size and the complexity of the company, the number of processes and the customer´s needs. 

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„Rather than creating piles of documentation, it is better to draw a single scheme or picture.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

And not just ISO, AS, OHSAS, CMMI  … but other standards, too, want us to describe what we do and how we do it. Most quality people and managers just produce pages of text which pile on the desk. Writing down a sentence is fairly easy. However, the sentence alone does not matter. What matters here is that people understand that sentence and use it in practice. Standards do not tell us how to describe our management system, though. Frankly, times are hasty and people have no time for reading piles of paper. They are bombarded by information from all sides. Besides, reading through a long document, they do not remember what was at the beginning. A picture or a scheme is faster to read and easier to remember. What if the system was created as an interactive model of schemes, pictures and supplementary text. Try to make out how.

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