Personnel and capacity audit or model of effective job position?

Personnel and capacity audits are usually approached after management has felt that the organization is not operating effectively. Especially in large corporations where there is a high level of administration, auditing is a common tool. Just the word audit raises concerns. When employees hear a personnel audit, they are withdrawing and expecting organizational changes. Add the word "capacity"...


Manager work model

The manager has a very wide scope of activity in the spheres they are supposed to manage/lead. We have learned from experience that lots of managers (the young ones, in particular) need to make things clear in what their work includes. They are mostly unable to put together their own model of all the controlled activities themselves. OwnWay have prepared a model that the participants...





Advisor ideas

„Change is not just an event, it is a process!“ more >>

Michaela Opletalová Michaela Opletalová

Change that is to be sustainable combines many factors and perspectives. We can look at it from the point of view of hard numbers, data and facts, but also from the point of view of acceptance and change in human thinking and attitude. If an organization wants to make changes that are accepted and bring about the improvements that are expected of them, it must work systematically not only with statistics and calculations, but also with people.

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