The basic idea behind psychodrama is getting rid of your problems by playing a role like at the theatre. Psychodrama makes the very fundamental method of psychotherapy which uses the procedures of fulfiling various roles. The key is to acquire own experience in a different role, thus detecting own inhibitions, prejudices and problems of mental nature.

Psychodrama in a group

Psychodrama helps people get rid of psychological and other problems. It takes advantage of role-playing like at the theatre. Psychodrama, thus, is a psychotherapeutical method using procedures to fulfil different roles. The point here is to acquire own experience in a different role and, in doing so, to detect own inhibitions, prejudices and generally problems of psychical nature.


Face-to-face communication

Communication with an individual (sometimes also called face-to-face commmunication) is aimed at finding, effectively and efficiently, common ground, agreement, as well as at creating a mutually beneficial relation and cooperation. 

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