Audit workflow automation - case study

Audits, as an important part of the control and development of organizations, are familiar to all of us. There are a number of them, from audits of management systems, information security, health and safety, to audits of an operational nature, such as 5S and lean audits. The workflow can be automated for all performed audits, whether they are performed internally or externally. The benefits of...

Process Audits

Internal audits are indispensable for retroactive verification of management systems according to the international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other.  Audits can significantly make for enhancement of efficiency, if the audit process is set right and auditors are knowledgeable about the auditing techniques. 

How to recognize auditor quality work - depth and emphasis

Internal auditors help to develop and improve the company. However, is there any way of knowing, for a non-auditing manager, whether or not the certification auditor, the external auditor or the internal auditor are performing so that their company can benefit? Audit results mostly represent changing of „papers“, and the manager does not know whether a particular project or order has...

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