Internal audits are indispensable for retroactive verification of management systems according to the international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other.  Audits can significantly make for enhancement of efficiency, if the audit process is set right and auditors are knowledgeable about the auditing techniques. 

We have conceived this audit process based on the programme called "Auditor is a partner with good ideas". For we keep discovering the internal audit processes do not work well, even though the company has been a holder of the ISO certification for years. OwnWay advisors implement simple and effective processes in such a way as is necessary for workers to understand them easily and, having studied them properly, apply them naturally. The processes in companies are at times described in a complicated manner void of utilization of modelling tools. Our processes bring the following: 

  • Proces described in a single A4 sheet
  • Clear definition of the audit benefits
  • Proposition of adequate metrics to check whether the process audits work 
  • Graphic model and the very essential texts

Process "Audits" and its setting  

The attached process "Audits" has been prepared on the  basis of the experience of 15 years in auditing and the requirements of different certification bodies. It is designed to fulfil the international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949  and other. The process also respects the requirements stipulated in ISO 19011 that auditors are not only supposed to know but to follow, too.  

The process "Audits" fits not only companies that have just taken the decision to implement their management system, but also those companies that want to make their existing system simpler and more effective. 

Simultaneously, it combines graphical modelling that has enabled us to cut short the length of directives from a number of pages down to a single page wihout compromising the needed conditions and activities. The graphical model is so simple that it has been understood easily and quickly. The proces "Audits" includes: 

  • Guidelines specifying where to take the resources for audit planning from   
  • Planning of audits
  • Approving the plans 
  • Training of auditors
  • Implementation of audit 
  • Communication with those who are audited 
  • Sorting out the findings 
  • Category of divergences and findings 
  • and other.

Note: the term Plan is meant to be an annual plan and the word Programme is meant to be a specific audit programme/flow-chart. Terms used in this way are in practice more understandable for workers than the way they are defined by the standard. Using own terms is not in breach of the ISO standard.  

No process can be fully functional without the forms. We have prepared those as well. They are set so that you do not have to copy the same data all over again, and the worker is instructed what is there to be filled in and where to fulfil all the audit requirements.  

Viewing the fact the process "Audits" is one of the support processes that can work like this in the majority of companies, we were able to prepare in the current form. Please consider you might be able to effect changes in the process within the specifics of your own company. Such changes may regard the names of the functions that you use, extended comments or approvals. You will get files that you might be able to adjust yourselves. The process description is, due to the graphic modelling, in MS Visio file and the pdf format. If you are interested, we will help you adjust your process according to your specifics.  

The commercial part - contents

In the files below, after you have paid the fee, you will get the complete documentation for conducting of audits, both internal and external, in small to mid-size companies. The commercial files include: 

  • The proces "Audits" described - in the pdf, vsd (MS Visio) formats
  • The form for planning of audits and inspection whether you have audited all of the company´s processes in a given period of time - in the xlsx, xls formats
  • The assignment and programme of the audit along with the final audit report an evaluation of findings - in the xlsx, xls formats  

The price has been established regarding the fact workers normally prepare a single process for 5-10 hours, on the average, including the forms, and they have to know exactly HOW.  At CZK 500 hourly rate, it then costs the company CZK 2.500-5.000. An experienced advisor will adjust the process for you in 2-5 hours at the total cost of CZK 2.000-5.000. 

The process "Audits" from us is markedly cheaper (you will save CZK 2.000-7.000 minimum) and incorporates our 15-year experience of auditing. The process and the forms is ready-made to be used instantly, or it can be adjusted. The adjustment will not take longer than about 1 hour work.   

Concept from

Processing time including the form 

Adjustments and approval

Hourly rate

Total costs

Company worker  5-10 hrs  1-3 hrs 500 CZK  3.000-6.500 CZK
External advisor  2-5 hrs  1-3 hrs 1.000 CZK  3.000-8.000 CZK
OwnWay - concept  0 hrs     1.000 CZK 

Note: pictures represent the commercial files and are in inferior quality to prevent copying.