Attitude leadership

With the advent of leadership, the trend of introducing processes is increasingly being sidelined. The processes and effective system have become commonplace. Moreover, the system becomes non-functional once the worker has decided otherwise!  Through their own attitude alone, they will easily alter any particular process. That is the reason why today´s management needs to develop skills...

The Holistic Management

The very fact that we can tell the organization´s hard side from the soft one and acknowledge their respective specifics does not mean we are able to integrate them so that they can form one synergically acting whole. Noway. In fact, it is often even the opposite: by eliminating human specifics we try to adapt the organization´s soft side to its hard side. This practice creates some...


Project Female Talents

To motivate and develop management skills of selected talented managers from all over the Czech Republic. Start a natural way of developing talent with your own knowledge. Find the way of optimal development of female managers in leadership. Gain benefits and improvements for Continental's practical functioning, encourage natural exchange of experience between sites, and create synergi...

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