Competence with enthusiasm speed up new product line up rapidly

Here is a new case study by EDAG Engineering that demonstrates how competence and enthusiasm hand in hand can speed up the process of design and preparation of new product from the very beginning to the production of 10,000 a day. The creative people and designers from automotive can do it, in particular if they are not tied up by complicated and lengthy processes, which are rather common in this...

Efficiency or success?

Many times we are encouraged to achieve success. Some of us have the will to achieve success rooted deep within ourselves. But are our successes really successes? Do we feel fulfilled or do we feel as if we still miss something? Success does not have to be something static or definitive. Success is often referred to as the "progressive realization of a worthy ideal". However, progression...


Project Female Talents

To motivate and develop management skills of selected talented managers from all over the Czech Republic. Start a natural way of developing talent with your own knowledge. Find the way of optimal development of female managers in leadership. Gain benefits and improvements for Continental's practical functioning, encourage natural exchange of experience between sites, and create synergi...

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