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Making impossible happen – mediation

Making impossible happen – mediation

When we cannot cope with disputes, being unable to resolve them, we have a problem.…

court resolution, conflict

Marketing not bother with big money

On the art of (not) wasting big money

A small entrepreneur or tradesman who has invested into costly capacity equipment…

marketing, advertising, agency

Creativity is the foundation of business

Creativity as the basis for a…

Every consultant will tell you that a successful business of today tends to require…

creativity, consultant


Why managers dislike planning?

Have you ever encountered a situation in which a company is left without any plan,…

plan, quality, prevention

Poradenství - výběr zákazníka

Do you know how to choose your customer?

How to apply the tree of decision in the consulting business, or else Do you know…

advisor, appropriate customer

Advice to a pilgrim regarding travellers

Councel to a pilgrim regarding…

An ancient Indian poem gives counsel to a pilgrim as to how to proceed when he…

consultancy, own way, iso 9001

Potřebujeme spokojeného pracovníka?

Do we need satisfied employees?

Today’s competitiveness is not dependent only on state-of-the-art technology,…

demotivation, effectiveness

Social responsibility of company, government

Has GRC got a stronger philosophical…

For small to medium-scale businesses, being a socially and environmentally…

social image, limit

figure 1 - intuition in negotiation

Intuition in life and management

Personal accountability has the greatest value for cooperation and partnership.…

management, training

Where will corporate social responsibility reach up to?

Where will corporate social…

A whole range of the world´s leading companies of both national and…

quality, management, social

Let us put the man first

Let us put the man first

The right mode of communication can inspire people to coin new ideas or participate in improvement, thus putting…

understanding, quality

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Advisor ideas

„We get more powerful with every new professional skill we acquire. “ more >>

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The power can  bring benefit not only to ourselves, but also to others. Let us make use of our skills cautiously. 

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