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An audit is a process in which an independent auditor examines the functioning of a given area. It obtains irrefutable evidence of how the area works and reveals discrepancies that hinder the achievement of the area's goals or other mission. You may meet with auditors in the areas of finance, processes, management, lean manufacturing, 5S, information security (cyber security), communications, marketing, etc. There is a big difference between external audit and internal audit. Internal auditors should rather help "their colleagues", than just pointing out the errors in the form of findings or discrepancies.

Personnel and capacity audit - job positions

Personnel and capacity audit or model…

Personnel and capacity audits are usually approached after management has felt that…

capacity, competence

Process Audits

Process Audits

Internal audits are indispensable for retroactive verification of management systems according to the…

chief auditor, audit plan, ISO

Fiasko at the audit

The story of auditing – an audit fiasco

An audit of quality is not just about how familiar one is with all those paragraphs…

auditors and auditee mistakes

Certification with a human face

TDS CERT „knows how to certify ISO with…

TDS CERT asserts, though, unlike many others, „they know how to certify ISO…

iso certification, system

Depth and emphasis of auditing - the common practise in Czech Republic

How to recognize auditor quality work -…

Internal auditors help to develop and improve the company. However, is there any way…

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Advisor ideas

„Do not trust people saying they did EVERYTHING, when you did not see them CONCENTRATE.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

To fix a problem well implies full concentration. Engaging all of your capabilities. Visualizing the knowledge we applied years back. Combining everything and finding truly the best solution. Sadly, many of today´s problems are complex ones and any second best solution amounts to losses. Each solution deserves deep concentration. Nowadays, managers are advised to watch how their workers approach problem solving. Unless they have seen full concentration in their faces, they cannot be sure the workers have done their best.

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