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Strategy is an area where a company is looking for a state it wants to get into in the future in order to be successful. It is a simple, purposeful way to find my own vision (where I want to be and who I want to be), the mission (what I do, what my customers want, what makes me different), goals (specific states I have to achieve) and the way to get them, ie strategy.

Enthusiasm and agile approach can introduce a new product within 2 weeks

Competence with enthusiasm speed up new…

Here is a new case study by EDAG Engineering that demonstrates how competence and…

agility, innovation, new

The Most Frequent Failings in Creating SWOT analysis

The Most Frequent Failings in Creating…

A SWOT analysis represents  a frequently used method  to create a strategy…

SWOT matrix, method, analysis

The creative map during implemntation of the change of the consultancy portal with LA TAUPE agency

Visul models will expedite changes

There are many changes and they have to be made into the reality. Now the question…

creative system, visualization

SWOT analysis for public authorities

SWOT Analysis for the Public Service -…

On the top levels of management, particularly when medium-term and long-term…

SWOT matrix, SWOT analysis

Vision and strategy is the basis of business

Void of vision and strategy equals bad…

Most entrepreneurs begin their career with an idea that they think they can make…

vision, strategy, target





Advisor ideas

„A consultant accompanies the customer only as far as they have reached the point of understanding.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

A consultant definitely is not someone who is going to live their customer´s life for them. He or she is acutally an outside intruder who is supposed to watch the company´s current situation without emotion and impartially seek the best ways leading to the customer´s success. The ways are subsequently brought to the customer to choose from. Then he or she may oversee the customer´s journey along the chosen path until the client has positively understood the course of action and been able to continue on their own.

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