publication date 26.04.2020

A crisis, a state of crisis is when there is a threat to security, the existence of the company, life and health, or the know-how of the company. It is a condition that we are not able to handle with normal work and company tools. Thus, if we continued to work according to approved processes and procedures, the situation would not be rectified in time and the loss would deepen further until the end of the company.

The crisis can be:
  • loss of significant customers
  • declining sales, profit
  • fatal injury or damage to health
  • preview unsaleable product
  • leakage of know-how
  • pandemic
  • disruption of relations between teams and an increase in disagreements
  • ….

Advisor ideas

„Do not give credence to what they tell you without verification or without knowing it comes from a reliable information source.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

It is all very easy to trust nice words of the others: how many skills they possess, how hard they will work, how they work overtime, etc. The reality, however, is anything but ideal. Company owners know their bit about it. Most likely to complain are managers and owners who do not check on new workers, who do not ask for references, do not call their last employer or carry out a spot check. Regardless of whether you are in production, construction, a sweetshop or a development department, it si always essential to verify information. It may not be outright fraud or a lie, very often it is just ignorance, different experience, etc. A timely checking will spare you a lot of time and money.

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