publication date 02.05.2020

Jidoka is a system for monitoring production and its quality. The purpose is to react immediately in the event of any discrepancy (nonconformity) and, for example, to stop production so that no further errors and shortcomings occur.

Jidoka is part of the systems and methods of the Toyota Production System TPS, Lean manufacturing, quality management. You will also find its principles in ISO 9000 and related ones.

Advisor ideas

„Each golfer will play a bad shot. There is on him how long he will play badly.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

Just as we make a mistake, we understand that anything we underestimated did not do correctly. It's a common learning process without which we would hardly gain valuable experience. It is very important to master emotions, realize the cause and the error no longer continue. The golf in this case, emotions are working on a lot and a bad shot golfer must correct or receives a penalty stroke. It's the same in life. There is paid for each relief.

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