Motivation is the inner decision of a person (employee) to do something. He has made his own decisions and wants to develop his activity and realize his goals, ideals and / or satisfy his needs and interests. If a person has a strong motivation, it is his energy sources that drives him in his activities to develop and achieve goals.

Look for sources of human motivation in the following areas:
  • Needs - shortcomings or surpluses of something one needs to live - Maslow's pyramid
  • Interests - what he is interested in, what he is developing
  • Ideals - his own idea of something perfect
  • Values - an opinion of what is and what is not right, what it recognizes and respects. From there, his behavior and actions unfold.
  • Habits - the tendency to perform a certain activity under certain circumstances
  • Goals - points that a person wants to achieve in the near or longer future
  • Instincts - innate motives from its essence
  • Will - a deliberate effort to achieve the goal of other activities