Entering the job of a new worker is the result of a costly and time-consuming recruitment work by human resource specialists and managers.  When we have finally got him or her let them readily do the hard work, shall we? Well, and let them show how able they are in adapting to the team environment.   It is the manager´s responsibility to do everything that is necessary to create the right image for the worker to facilitate the process of  their acceptance by the team. The manager should be the first to announce and properly communicate the worker´s arrival, thus supporting their credit. 

Hi, folks, let me introduce Franta to you. He is a new addition to our team. Please, give him a warm welcome. I am having another meeting shortly, so I have to be on my way.” This is frequently how the introduction of a new worker begins on their arrival at the company and your team. These words are sometimes uttered only as a subpoint at a meeting. Introducing them like this, the manager basically leaves the way the team is going to accept the new unknown arrival entirely to the team.  

The way the team can see them 

The team, in most cases, know nothing about the new addition. Similarly, the new worker knows nothing about the team. The only information that the new worker has comes only from the manager. We are also well aware of the fact the unpleasant events are communicated less often than not. Nobody wants to discourage a novice, do we? 

The team, on the other hand, have a variety of ideas and ungrounded rumors regarding filling the vacant job position. They keep them under careful observance sometimes projecting their own ideas, prejudices into his or her expressions, attitudes and behaviour, or, possibly, we can see things such as generalization, categorizing etc. It may quite easily happen that the new worker, being unaware  of  the team environment and conventions, uses an inapt expression and the team will look at them down their noses.   “Oh, my, another great theoretician, or, he speaks like Karel who was completely incompetent etc.” A novice can introduce himself of herself, yet not always can say everything. If they communicated a lot of their successes, they might create an impression they are showing off or be labelled as "threat".

Getting rid of a negative attitude is a challenging feat to accomplish and in some individuals it is almost impossible. It is, then, appropriate to prevent any spontaneous formation of useless attitudes. Contrary to that, you need to support them showing how and where the new worker is going to be useful for the whole team.  

Acceptance of the worker by the team is the manager´s responsibility  

The professional mission of the manager is to promote the team cooperation while utilizing the strengths of each team member.  It is, then, in his or her interest to help create the best possible image of the new worker, thus anticipating needless worries, prejudices and other negative phenomena. While introducing the new worker to the team, the manager should prepare and communicate a short information on, for instance:

  • the things the worker is really good at, just 1-2 strengths supported with evidence 
  • how specifically these strengths of theirs are going to help the team 
  • what is expected of them, so that the team can see there will be no double standards approach 
  • something the team needs and the new worker can deliver - where he or she can put their expertise to work at once 

The manager´s work is to create an appropriate atmosphere for the introduction, which has essential influece both on the first impression and the final result.  

Here is an example of what it may look like - “I am glad to be able to introduce Franta who has been specializing in designing support structures for five years. He is behind the simplified design which has brought the customer a saving worth CZK 500.000. It is here that I can see a potential to strengthen our team. So far the support structures have been on the fringe of our interest. His or her first job to do will be to prepare a list of elements and their combinations designed to reduce weight and save material. In addition, he or she has participated in the project of utilization of agile methods in the team cooperation …

The way you introduce a new worker, what exactly you say to the team, will have a tremendous effect on how and how fast the team are going to accept them . Do not leave everything to the spontaneity of the new worker and the team. You are in charge here and it is your work. Underestimation of the introduction may see the worker leave the company in the trial period and the company expending money on the new search. More information on entering the work to be found at Nový člověk v týmu