"Again. Nobody has taken notice of that", makes the company owner a mental complaint. Couldn´t I find workers who will care about the same thing as I do? Well, perhaps you could. "Yes, you can", says the law of attraction. Do not we attract most those situations that we most think of, that we are most preoccupied with? Does it apply equally to the management and their workers? 

Workers never share a common interest with the owner 

Nowadays, there are not many activities we can implement ourselves. Managers do know a thing or two about it. They need to lead their workers to work for the company and make enough money to provide for all of its workers and fulfil all legal obligations. It is no easy task, even if the managers, or just the owner (in a small business) have a clearly defined time-proven strategy. The strategy works, the trouble usually is, though, new workers (or sometimes even the existing ones) do not know how to, and in many cases even do not want to, implement it. Thus, you might see the company owner walking on the premises wondering: 

  • why workers keep walking, undisturbed, past the spilled garbage, 
  • why they will not paint the fence, 
  • why they will not prepare a complete offer,
  • why they send the customer just a "dry" e-mail instead of calling them on the phone,
  • why they, having lots of work that they do rather ineffectively, will not stay at work by 15 minutes later to complete it, 
  • and so on...

Modern management has a lot of tools, rules and advice. Sadly they do not always work to the full. For people are not machines and everybody needs something else. Owners have also tried out a number of ways to get out of unfavourable situations, for instance: 

  • perpetual reminding people of their mistakes and deficiencies  –  often leads to resistance and calling it hassle
  • aggravation  – makes people have negative emotions connected with a person getting upset
  • permanent requests – only some will answer them
  • supplementing the company´s processes and rules – nobody reads it, and if they do, their memory is bound to be short-lived
  • remuneration of workers – they feel grateful only momentarily, later all gratefulness vanishes
  • unconventional motivation, etc.

Nothing again. Have we not tried the whole range of time-proven rules and recommendations? Simply put, even these steps will in no way help the workers perceive the same as the owner, devote themselves willingly to the customers. In the better-case scenario, the aforesaid possibilities will work for a limited period and then they (the needed creativity, concern for the job, anticipation of the customer´s requirements) will prove to be a pure science-fiction.

Everything begins with ourselves

No, it is not SF! It can be achieved. Have you ever been to a company where you felt everybody understood and supported one another, cooperated ... almost like the members of a harmonic family? All of the above without sky-high salaries, benefits, the ambition to be a part of a giant multinational corporation, even without the directive management. Yes, it is possible! 
The remedy and know-how is provided by the nature itself in the form of the law of attraction. The law says that "likes attract". In our country we know better the more proverbial versions of "birds of a feather flock together" or "each to his own". Although we keep learning new managerial techniques, the nature has a solution for us already. All it takes is just do the listening and seek the ways how to implement the newly acquired knowledge into practice. 

Now, why could not we find/attract workers with the same approach to the customer as is ours, a desire to create something new, without indifference to mess and inefficiency, and so on. Yes, it is possible. But the manager (owner) only needs to focus more on the values they endorse, on the conduct they want their workers to embrace, on the sphere where they will require creativity. They need to collect these ideas first, prioritize them, evisage how they are supposed to perform practically. Only then the manager can look around in seach of the right kind of person. 
Oh, sorry, not just yet. They first have to live up to what they want from the others. And for real. No posing, pretending, masks and concessions are tolerated. It is exactly through the way they live, what they show others, that they send out clear signals as to what they want and whom they would like to "attract". More so, they become a ROLE MODEL that people decide to either follow or not. If the owner keeps his or her eyes open, they will surely spot/meet/tell the very approach (even among their employees) they demand. 

No rejoycing yet, the quest is still on! I know, we are so busy, we have yet to fix an order swiftly. Nothing is born overnight. Well, nothing of quality at least. Even an apple-tree needs several months of care before it can give us delicious apples. 
Begin with watching how the worker shows on the outside. For what is inside will ultimately always show on the outside. Sometimes it also helps if you prepare appropriate heavy-load situations to see how they perform under pressure like in the real world. No such work will be wasted. If you have honoured all procedures and perceived the others well, not only you have had a worker/employee, but also a partner who keeps his or her eyes open and does everything necessary even while you are away. 
What needed groundwork has helped us get as far as here? What has made the law of attraction work? Our minds have, our thoughts and working hard to make them happen. 
By way of conclusion, I have one request to make  – „Do not give up, do not abandon your ideas, if you do not succeed right away. Look for the idea that has brought about this situation for you.“

Inspired by:  own consultancy and practice with customers, The Secret, the movie. 
This article has been written utilizing the 
digital pen technology.  Thoughts can be put on the paper more simply by the pen than into the notebook with the keyboard.