There are always many managers who think that the most of injuries arise in production. Unfortunately there are many injuries during the transport. There are many companies which have not managed the inner transport although there is the legal requirement. The right organisation of transport is able to prevent the useless injuries and accidents. There  are some solutions how to loose thie problematic.

Yes, we should deal with the excludation of the working injuries in the area of the inner-company transport.

Without notifying – the most of companies should pay this problematic the great attention, but this is not right in the daily routine. The introducing of clear rules of inner-company transport organisation could prevent the accidents and the following injuries. The companies with the transport business object have this issue well managed.

The risk of the inner-company transport

There are working injuries not only in the production in the current time, but also in other issues, which can not be seen at the first sight.Another risk factor is the inner-company transport. Are you really persuaded that you have managed the transport in your company? Have you satisfied the legal requirements at the most so that you are able to prevent the arise of transport accidents?

Nearly 150-200 emploies die from the working injuries in the Czech Republic in a year and nearly 50% of this casualties arises during the transport running and during the driving activity. We are not quite helpness in the object of transport accidents. It is possible to prepare ourself and to keep some important principles. 

1. The transport system

Everything begins by the Transport system. The Transport system sets the way of transport organisation.The Transport system should deal with:

  • the way of drives evidence
  • the definition of transport risks
  • the vehicles keeping methods
  • the vehicles checking ways
  • the security breaks evidence
  • and so on. 

The Transport system should also describe the way of vehicles inner-checking and the organisation of changing summer and winter tyres. It should also describe the variaty of traffic in other countries. Everybody knows how to drive correctly, how to také care of the vehicle. We are then surprised in the accedent´s moment, what everything we have already forgotten. Many smaller companies also forget the importance of keeping rules in producing area. - Have you set the rule of using private cars on bussiness purpose in your Transport system ?

2. The medical check-up

All of us are healthy, but we are ashamed of our small handicaps.If there is no medical check-up, it could happen (and it really happened) that the employe who suffer from epilepsy, drives a business car.The employer finds out that this emploeye has driven a business car after his epilepsy attack. The driver simply was ashamed and concealed from his wife that he drove a business car.

Every owner of a company should know about the wealthy condition of his emploies.Remember that only the entry medical check-up before coming to the company does not go far. It is important do monitor the medical check-ups especially for emploies at first 6 months before their 60-ies, 65-ies and 68-ies and at the latest in their day of reaching their 60,65,68.

3. Precautinary breaks-up

We are always in a hurry, we want to manage and fulfil our plan in order to be at home soon. It begins easily – we want to do everything but there is a tiredness and bad attention. The human body needs to be relaxed and to be cleared of stereotype of job which is doing the long time again and again. It is not said needlessly „Precautinary break-up“, as it should protect us before danger.

The break-ups are supposed to be done always at latest after 4,5 hours of vehicle driving. But this is not everything: it is important to record these break-ups. After such a long time the break-up should take 30 minutes. You can record the break-ups in te Book of drives or in an electronic way through GPS. The leading managers are responsible for the inspection-this is a good habit. There is nothing important. Is it only break-up or is it lively important?

4. Training of drivers

Nobody has overcome the motto „Review is mother of wisdom“. Today´s stress and press on productivity cause that we forget something sometimes. The training should anyway remind of the most important rules and principles. The matter is the training of drivers. This training is not only reading of legal requirements, in could be realised in a more interesting way:

  • to catch the drivers out
  • to do the school of skid
  • to check-up of the validity of the driving licence-
  • when have you looked last at your driving licence?
  • the policemen saw it more often, did not they?

That is the question: how often should „the drivers“ be trained? There is no regulation setting how often they should be trained, but I recommend you to train them anyway 1 times a year.

To be readyis better than to construct the additional solutions

You may say „this problematic is nothing for me“ – but may be only up to the time when some akcident really happens in your company. I suppose each company (owning at last 1 car with changing drivers) should have processed the Transport system, because there is a high risky rate. It goes in practice sometimes that there is a working injury during some accident – and there is some attempt to do it anyway in order not to be classified as a working injury (for the reason there were no transport rules). The company looks up some solution, for instance: the driver did not drive on bussiness  but on private and so on. But this explanation would not be succesfull according to the detailed searching. Much cheaper version is to have a suitable insurance and a good system of inner-company transport.

I can say from my own experiences that this problematic is not managed at all in many companies.