Are you in need of sending out thousands of letters that include groups of different signatures or customer segments? Today, it is simple enough: you use personalized printing with digital printers. No longer are assisstents supposed to spend hours operating the printer and folding thousands of letters. 

"Personalized printing" is the term which has been very frequent today, particularly in newspapers and journals. Yet many people have trouble imagining anything real behind it. Generally speaking, personalized printing is printing of filled-in forms: a bank account statement, a letter addressed to a specific person, an invoice, etc. This type of printed matter is formed by a common part (the sender´s address in a form or a letter, the institution heading in a bank account statement, or the supplier in an invoice). Another component is so-called combination field, which is simply a place different in each printed document. A combination field can include a particular address, but also a bar code, a dealer-specific portrait photograph. You do a small-scale personalized printing yourselves every day, when writing and sending e-mails and letters. Now imagine, however, that on a single day you need to send out thousands or hundreds of thousands of documents (a bank account statement, an invoice, a letter in reaction of a specific requirement of a customer, etc.). Such problems are normally resolved by providers of "digital printing":, as attending to such a large-scale job in a common office routine is difficult to imagine. 

As a rule, letters and printed matter can only be sent out after they have been folded to a format that fits the required envelope. Even this operation can be performed by a digital printer now newly equipped with a special paper-folding machine. Benefit print has purchased such a device, so the hands of our assisstens do not have to be folding thousands of letters and putting them into envelopes any more.