Printing of business cards and labels

publication date 30.03.2008

Printing of business cards and labels

These days, no manager can do without business cards. There is no such negotiation where you would not easily hand out a number of these cards with your address. In the following article, you will be advised on the optimal way of business card printing, even with regard to the ceasless changing of your phone numbers and addresses. 

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Virtually all the time, we need to print business cards, labels bearing the names of new employees, participants in a press conference, etc. Their printing today is increasingly falling within the realm of the digital printing. A possibility to print a small number of copies per card or label in particular speaks in favour of digital printing. Printing about 50 to 200 pieces of business cards per worker is standard. Printing such a quantity on the offset no sense. In order to justify the offset technology here, you would have to print business cards for at least 10 people. With phone numbers, positions, e-mail addresses being changed all the time, and the price per piece being from CZK 2,- to CZK 5,- , printing business cards on digital machines is a real bargain. Nobody has to wait for their business cards until there are enough workers to run the offset printing machine.  

It is convenient to print business cards on the paper with the 300g/m2 basis weight. Even this paper is normally used these days for digital printing. If you opt for an embossed design, a partial varnish or the Panthone colors, then you will need to use offset printing. Otherwise, you can settle for the digital technology. All you will have to do is to send in your data in the morning, and as early as in the afternoon you can pick up the business cards or have them delivered by a messenger.  

Printing of business cards

  • paper of the 300 g/m2 basis weight
  • 50÷1000 pieces is suitable for the digital print
  • the number of copies in excess of 1000 pieces is suitable for the offset print
  • embossed designs, partial varnish or the Panthone colors are only suitable for the offset print 

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