Crisis plan

publication date 26.04.2020

The crisis plan is an overview of actions and procedures to help solve the current crisis, the crisis situation of the organization. It evaluates the effectiveness of measures and defines the basic parameters for the solution - what, who, when, how and also key indicators of the crisis. These may include costs, revenues for the crisis, concentrations of hazardous substances, stocks and others depending on the type of crisis.

For the state administration in the Czech Republic, the basic requirements and the method of elaboration of the crisis plan are described in §§ 15 - 16 of Government Decree No. 462/2000 Coll., For the implementation of §27 par. 8 and § 28 par. 5 of Act No. 240/2000. Coll., On Crisis Management and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Crisis Act).

Advisor ideas

„Nobody is going to collect results for the manager.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

The manager is supposed, along with his or her team, to deliver results for the company. That is what they are paid for. The results need to be proven. Not always they are obvious from the reporting, especially if the measurement systems are soft. The manager needs to keep their eyes open, taking into account every change, result, conclusion and communicating them to the others.

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