Elevator pitch

publication date 17.11.2013

Elevator pitch is a presentation in an elevator. It is a very short, information-intensive presentation. The name originates in today´s hectic times when you only have so much time for making a presentation as it takes to travel from the zero floor to the fifth one while accompanying the manager on his or her way to the office. This is all the time you will ever have to get to the point of your presentation.  

Mastering the "elevator pitch"  presentation means to focus on: 

  • capturing the main idea
  • key aspects
  • compressed description
  • ....

You are allowed just 30 to 60 seconds (the average elevator ride time). It is time enough for about 40 short sentences, it is, therefore, wise to really think things over before you start. 

Advisor ideas

„Do not trust people saying they did EVERYTHING, when you did not see them CONCENTRATE.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

To fix a problem well implies full concentration. Engaging all of your capabilities. Visualizing the knowledge we applied years back. Combining everything and finding truly the best solution. Sadly, many of today´s problems are complex ones and any second best solution amounts to losses. Each solution deserves deep concentration. Nowadays, managers are advised to watch how their workers approach problem solving. Unless they have seen full concentration in their faces, they cannot be sure the workers have done their best.

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