Quality assurance system AS 9100 C

duration 11.4.2012 - still


www: www.centrotec.cz

Person: Vladimír Jakubec

Description: reference

Advisor: Jiří Střelec

Preparation of the quality assurance system according to AS 9100 for a new C revision, and assistance in fixing the audit findings. The assignment was subsequently extended to include enhancement of efficiency of the whole system.  

Our company has to meet the strict requirements of ISO 9001 standard and, in particular, the AS 9100 quality assurance system for aviation, space and defence industries. We had had trouble finding a consultant knowledgeable about this particular field. After we had been searching for quite some time, the consultancy network of OwnWay captured our attention. Consultant Jiří Střelec had a basic command of AS 9100. Although his practice was limited, we opted to try his services out. 

Our cooperation was kicked off with working on improvement of 2 processes, and providing for the requirements of a new C revision of the AS 9100 standard. The certification auditor was safisfied with the results and we familiarized ourselves with a new manner of system modelling. The consultant has taught us how to make a process modelling in a single page rather than in a 5-page directive. We have achieved great simplification, reduction in "paper load", and our initial worry that we would miss something has dwindled. 

In the first place, we have to appreciate a consistent, complex approach to the entire company throughout our cooperation. Each activity was made simple, fully functional and beneficial to both the company and the workers. The system has become very simple and transparent in all the spectrum of our business. Together we have even managed to implement changes that have brought cost economies in the order of days in a month that have brought along financial economies. We highly value the consultant´s knowledge in diverse fields that he has managed to combine artfully for our benefit. Thus, we did not view the processes only in the frame of inputs, outputs, and functions, but also in the perspective of  communication, simplicity and - of course - efficiency. We have also been spending more time promoting our company towards the customers. 

Based on the results of work, we have established a monthly regime of consultancy and extended our cooperation to include other activities such as auditing, system improvement, reporting and promotion on the Internet. 


Sincerely yours,


Vladimír Jakubec,



CentroTEC s.r.o

Průmyslová 1144

Uherské Hradiště

686 01


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Advisor ideas

„Rather than creating piles of documentation, it is better to draw a single scheme or picture.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

And not just ISO, AS, OHSAS, CMMI  … but other standards, too, want us to describe what we do and how we do it. Most quality people and managers just produce pages of text which pile on the desk. Writing down a sentence is fairly easy. However, the sentence alone does not matter. What matters here is that people understand that sentence and use it in practice. Standards do not tell us how to describe our management system, though. Frankly, times are hasty and people have no time for reading piles of paper. They are bombarded by information from all sides. Besides, reading through a long document, they do not remember what was at the beginning. A picture or a scheme is faster to read and easier to remember. What if the system was created as an interactive model of schemes, pictures and supplementary text. Try to make out how.

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